Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class I+I=II

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Growing bored and tired of the lack of a tour, I slip away, heading for the medbay and walking in. "How you feeling, Cynthia?"
"whatever you say. well i'm going to take a nap, leave you to your own thoughts. If it makes you feel better in my current state finding myself a girl isn't really the ideal choice. No one should have to deal with a 'half insane maniac' like me" i say before drifting into sleep

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OOC: I do hate not being able to see where people are. I'm already easly confused. Oh well other then that anyone in the tour want a piece of apple lol
So if you can please edit that one, Steel... That would be lovely. Yeah, I'm sorry for that confusion and if you read the original PKA... There was some interesting love going on. More of a stress reliever than anything else.

IC: Cynthia smiled when Terance arrived too see her. "Hello there, you didn't want to finish the tour?" She asks before looking back at Dante and then Terance. "He doesn't truly understand who my mother and father are... Does he?"
I shrug, pulling up a chair and sitting down. "I don't even understand who they are. As for the tour, your brother seems to be taking his sweet time with it."
Just then, a hologram appeared in front of the students taking the tour. She looked proper and was wearing a dress, with snow white hair and green eyes.
"My name is Snow. Mistress Cynthia doesn't know that I left the network in order too... finish this tour that's taking dreadfully long with 'almost master' Korzis. Shall we continue now, darlings?"

Cynthia gave a chuckle at that. "Brother is a slow one today, ain't he? Well... I'm doing fine. And as too my parents... My mother is technically insane while my father used to have anger issues before he changed on day. Other than that... Yeah." She smiles at him. "Then Dante here said he'll put in a good word for you! He's a nut that one is... He's a good person, he just needs some help like that Zerg."
"Yes, please. Let's continue this adventure!" I say.
I chuckle, glancing at the Spectre. "I think he's a little more savable than that blasted Zerg. He shot a missile at me in the training room."
Snow shows them her hand as it was pointing towards the door. "Let us move, shall we?"

Cynthia relaxed, putting a hand on her ribs. "I wont disagree but mother and the Zerg just had a talk and she told him that it's human instinct to not want to be spied or stalked."
IC: Sam pops another piece into his mouth. "Well lets not wait I would like to get this tour over with so I can go rest"

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"He can try and spy on me all he wants. He'll find that I don't sleep like normal people. I'll just take those toys of his or whatever they are and shove some place he doesn't want them."
"No, no, no, no." I lead the group out the door. "Next to come is the library! Wait, no, that doesn't need to be shown... Aha! The chemistry lab!"
"Anyway... Why did you want to sneak away from the tour group? Even if it wasn't moving." She asked Terance because she wanted to know.

Snow intercepts Korzis and takes the lead. "No... My programing is far superior to your Terran/Protoss intellect. I'll carry on with the tour. I got bored being up their with Four after Mistress Cynthia had him plug me into the system."
I glare at Snow. "I hate you AIs, always acting superior." I am not talking about you, Helper. You are a rather good one. "No. I am going to lead." I continue marching.
"Simply put, you're better conversation than the other students."
Snow then gives him the eye. "I'm not an AI, I'm a computer program and I'm sorry if I offended you. I was just wanting to help out the students."

Staring at the ceiling, Cynthia continued to converse. "Are you sure it's just that? But I agree... The new students seem... Insane, quite literally insane."
IC: "Libary or chem lab which one are we going to" Sam says as he finishes his apple
"Well, the Spectres for sure. And I've met my fair share. But that guy who was on ice...he seems sane enough, if a bit confused. Then the Zerg/Cyborg..he's just annoying as hell, then there's the Reaper. Ex-Dominion." I spit 'Dominion' out like a bad word. "Hope I get a chance to ring his bell."
"Terance, my mother was a Ghost working for the Dominion at one point of time before she arrived here. Give the Reaper a chance. As for the Zerg, he wouldn't be so bad if he wouldn't be up everyone's !@#... Wouldn't you agree?"
Growing weary of the tour I slip out of the group and heading for my office resuming my normal form after ensuring I was far enough away from the group. I had a few temporary projects that I needed to finish preferably soon.

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