Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class I+I=II

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"I've already given him a head ache and a useless arm, so he knows what I think. He seems to think he can know everything."
"Terance, that's why I said that he has potential as long as he doesn't do !@#$ like that."
"Well, we'll see." I lean back, pulling out a blue raspberry sucker and a cherry one and holding them out to Cynthia. "Pick one. I'll take the other."
Cynthia ponders for a moment before grabbing the cherry one, taking it out of the wrapper as she pops it into her mouth. "You are full of suckers, you know that?"
I shrug, putting the blue raspberry one in my mouth. "Better than smoking or drinking. Or, it won't cut down my life span to be more specific." I'm silent for a moment, then speak up. "So...what's it like, being human and connected to the Khala?"
Snow sighed at Korzis. "Why don't you ask me where you want to go... Korzis is being lazy right now."

Cynthia laughs at that, the first part, but the second part was the more interesting one. "The Khala... It can be an intimidating place. Many voices talking to you, it makes you go crazy the first few times. But after awhile you grow attached... I guess part of my problem is that they stopped talking to me, I don't know why. But they are still talking to brother."
IC: "Either way is ok I like to read on history but I do love working with chemicals to make new things. I guess the libary would be a nice place to go" Sam says as he starts to pull random tid-bits of information up on his PDA
"So not even the Khalai will talk to you?" I think for a moment. "Guess I know how that is to an extent. Most Protoss, while not openly aggressive about it like the Tal'Darim, still dislike my ship and walker."
I enter my office shutting the door behind me and locking it and head over towards a workbench that was set up on the right side. Various Nerazim artifacts and technology was strewn about some in pieces others whole and a few combined into strange looking devices. I start working on a few of the devices trying to test their functionality.

Shade and Zaros needed something made to contain what I told be be void based so I had started with what I knew that used void energy. One of the devices lets off a low hum before projecting a shell that seemed to slow the movement of objects passing through, another emits a small cloaking field similar to that of a dark templar. I set those devices down and begin working on another that is intended on making containment field.
Cynthia tries to break a smile. "I don't know what's going on... Maybe I lost my connection with them? I don't truly know. And don't worry about the Tal'Darim. Most of them are fanatics who believe that their beliefs are correct. There were a few of them that aren't as crazy about it... So you can probably see why I've been trying to disconnect myself from everyone."

Snow brought up a countboard, it showed one vote for library. "We shall do a majority vote, now don't be shy."
I shrug, smiling a bit. "A little. Still, disconnecting yourself isn't a good thing all the time."
"I know... But with how everything has turned out lately... I really like you, as a friend it seems... Would you care to see something tonight when everyone's asleep?" Cynthia asks Terance.
IC: Sam leans agaisnt the wall postioning his feet so he willn't fall as he takes a slight nap while waiting on the others to pick a location. His visor is down and it seems that he is fully awake while he naps.
All of a sudden power in the Academy fails and the systems revert to emergency power. The halls and room are lite with low power bulbs that only illuminate it enough to see where you are going.

I curse loudly from my office as I try to shut down the containment device before it destabilizes and causes more problems than necessary.
I saw that the power had went out... Flint must've been the cause of the problem but he had only been helping.

Cynthia notices the power go off. "What happened?"

Raven sighed as he used the emergency Comm system. "This is Raven speaking, all students that can hear this... Tour is canceled. Instead their shall be arrows flashing on the walls and flooring. It will take you to your dorms. Pick who you want to buddy up with in the dorm and you're free for the rest of the day. I'm sorry for this... inconvenience."

Snow disappeared since she didn't run on emergency power.
I manage to get the field to stabilize long enough to disable the device but it still drew power from the system keeping the main power off.
Oh for the love of Terra... I call out in the Khala. Shade I gotta problem here if you would please come to my office.
I follow the arrows to one of the rooms, and as I get in, I put anything I had next to my bed (Save for the doll, which was put gently on the pillow). I take a seat, and start taking apart my C-20A Rifle to clean it.
IC: Sam wakes up and turns the brightness up on his HUD "Looks like someone is having fun" He says has he programs a waypoint to medbay on his HUD "I better head to medbay and make sure everything is ok in there and if there is anything I can do" He mutters to himself
"I'll come see. Not like I've anything better. As for the power, maybe someone is testing something?"
*looks at the ten pages that passed in the last 4 or so hours.* Recap please ...

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