Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class I+I=II

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I keep an eye on the one with the Changeling abilities then look at Cynthia's mother. I approach her and offer a hand. "I noticed you were looking for someone. Would it by chance be your daughter?"
For a few seconds, I don't respond. I sigh, and look up.
"A good friend.....We love, even though we were enemies......He was a Dominion Ghost, someone who understood me, even if I was destructive.....He died......saving me...."
I look at the person speaking to me, but I don't really see him. I give out a soft laugh as I hear a voice, a memory.
It's nice here, Havana. It's too bad we can't date....." He smiles at me, and I smile back. I hold his hand, and we both look out toward the setting sun.
"What they don't know can't hurt them." I say, and I feel his happiness, and I know he can feel mine.
Hmm... That isn't good. Maybe I should have someone keep an eye on her just in case something tragic happens. I reply back to Flint. Then seeing the man standing in front of me; going ahead and answering his question. "Yes... My daughter."
Zaros nods and looks over the students.

I was just about ready to start the tour.
"I am sorry for your loss. I hope you are able to find peace here in what ever form it may appear." I step away to leave her be since she seemed to be lost in thought for the moment.

Bianca your daughter will be fine. She is starting to socialize again which is what you were wanting wasn't it? If she needs something she will come to you or Zaros.
I nod. "She's in the medbay. We were sparring and I thrust at her. She tried to block it, but her tomahawk couldn't handle it and broke. It resulted her her getting a broken rib."
As he walks away, I murmur to myself "I hope I do as well." I fiddle with the Doll's hair a bit more, before I put it away. I felt a tear running down my cheek. I stop leaning on the wall, and look over the other students.
Well, I'm just worried that something might happen to her one of these days. It's hard for a parent in having their child grown up and then they realize that if they don't want help... Then you can't help them. I looked back at Terance. "I see... So you hurt her? ... I'm guessing it's you that she has just begun to socialize with?"
I have yet to know that feeling Shade but I don't doubt that I will have it in time. Besides she knows that she can go to anyone in Poltergeist for help if she needs to. Remember how Umbra is about her?

I remain where I was looking around at the group of students trying to figure out more about each one.
Sam walks out of an old transportship that had landed in the grass. He is in his full combat suit with his gun slung over one shoulder and his bag over the other shoulder.

"Seems like the right place, better find out where I can stash my gear. I wonder if they have any good food here last thing I ate was a dominon M.R.E" He mutters to himself as he walks over to a computer and downloads a basic map of the school. " I hope my old C.O sent them a copy of my medical profile over to med bay."
I appeared nearby, scrambling around for my canteen, where the hell was it? Where could I have dropped that thing!?
I nod, still feeling guilty about it. "Yes. I didn't realize that her tomahawk would break from the attack. I had no intention of hurting her."

Edit- Steel, you land on a desert planet. The Academy is underground.
"Let's just say a young man led Sam into the building."

"You'll want to go to the cafeteria and rendezvous with the other students and the teachers." The young man says.
"I know it must've been an accident, but be more careful or I'll refrain you from even going near her. Mostly because if something breaks loose and puts us all in danger... It's your fault." Flint... You know how Umbra can be at times. She can behave childish and at times is a more dangerous influence for Cynthia. I don't mind if she see's her... It's just that something could happen from that behavior of hers.
"Thanks now is there anywhere I can stow my stuff?" He starts heading to the cafeteria
I chuckle at the thought of Cynthia's mother stopping her from seeing me. "No disrespect, but your daughter doesn't mind you worrying, but controlling her life bugs the crap out of her."
"In the room you have been assigned, but that'll be a while." He replies before walking off.
Yes I know how she is since I clearly remember several instances at the old Academy where one of almost got eaten. She has change since Cynthia was born and you cannot deny that. If something was to happen to her while Umbra was around especially if Umbra's behavior was the cause you know she could never forgive herself. If it was someone that harmed Cynthia then all hell breaks loose on that person and that isn't something I'd like to see happen either.
I sigh at that comment. "I'm not trying to control her life... I'm trying to save her from possible death. It's just that the weaker her condition is... The harder it is to control the being from within. She loses that fight, we all must pay. So you can see why even her father and brother is worried if that happens."
I'd rather be safe than sorry. Let's just hope no harm comes to shove, eh? And I found out who hurt her. That Terance fellow. Apparently it was by accident and if Umbra was here... Something ugly would have happened by now.
"Sometimes you have to take a risk and hope it was worth it." I start to walk away, back towards the corner of the room. I was ready to get this thing over with so I could go train some.

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