Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class I+I=II

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Right... So what do you propose then?

I sigh to myself shaking my head slightly. I look over at Terance hoping that he had some idea of what he might be getting himself into.
"so we starting this tour or what?" i ask
"Right about now." I say and call out, "Everyone, we're moving on!" I start moving out of the cafeteria and into the halls.
I watch as Terance leaves from my side. Going back to the mental conversation with Flint. I'm not entirely to sure... I just told Terance that if something like that happens again when he's near her... Then he can't be near her again. Mostly because the weaker someone is.... The harder it is to control the beast.
I follow Korzis out of the Cafeteria, keeping to myself.
I follow Korzis, rolling a sucker between my fingers as I walk. Some one had asked me why I didn't just smoke like everyone else, and it came down to the fact that it was healthier in the long run and I didn't have to worry about losing it in battle. They were cheap compared to cigarettes and cigars.
Right but the lack of contact with people other than family and friends of the family might also leave her weakened. They just need to be careful about what they do.
I follow the group listening keenly to the students more or less now for my own amusement while still keeping the conversation with Shade.
I walk slowly behind the pack, keeping an eye on everyone and anything that they might do on the tour through this establishment.
Yes... I know that. I'm just telling him to be more careful next time. I'm hoping it will help in the long run.
IC: i was walking when i suddenly remembered. "f!ck" i swore under my breath before going to one of the teachers (LeKroger). "hey umm i seemed to have left something back at the cafe mind if i go get it?" i ask
OOC: Uh Darka, My char is taking acting like another student right now simply to get a different view of the actual students.

IC: I look at the spectre curiously. "I think you need to ask the guy leading the tour not me."
Sam grabs a plate of fried muta wings and some spring water. He sits in the away from everyone.
you know they will find out about the base
"shut up" he mutters to himself
They will shun you for lossing control like that
"It doesn't matter what they think" he mutters. "come on wolfe beat the maddness" he says a little louder then he starts to gobble down his food. "WOW, these are the best fried muta wings I've very had" He says a little too loudly
Raven saw the other student eating all alone... With everyone off on the tour. "Kid? I believe you may want to catch up with the others. For the tour had just started." This was pointed at Sam.

Cynthia laid back down on the medbay bed... Waiting so she can get out and on the mean time the nurse injected her with some kind of liquid to help mend the bones much quick as well as a wrap that would cause less stress and give relief instead of pain.
I follow Korzis through the halls of the Academy, searching the Archive for information about the Xel'Naga. The presence of a Xel'Naga, or at least its psionic essence, with one of the students was certainly an interesting development.

Through the entire eating period, I had been scanning though every document about the ancient beings, and found no record of one making contact to any Protoss, or any of the Terrans who were also in the Archive. It is possible that I just have yet to find anything about it however, as the Archive contains several hundred yottabytes of information; the memories and experiences of billions of Protoss and a few Terrans spanning thousands of years.

I continue along with the rest of the students, waiting for a chance to speak to Terance.
Recap please ... for this entire thread I read everything on the last one.

Nevermind ty to jester in DA

IC: I follow the group around the facility. It was interesting but I didn't see any need to get excited or to comment on anything.
(holds up his PDA with his class list and the 3d maps of the school)

"This is the first real food I've had in year, the tour isn't needed my PDA has the basic layout where my classes are and once it updates to where my room shall be, I will be heading there untill my classes start." (Continues to eat)
Raven chuckles at a student that has enthusiasm. "Just be wary that these aren't normal classes. They don't be teaching you High School classes here. We be teaching you to be resourceful... Plus the tour will give you a general idea of what to expect. Maybe a few lessons while during the tour which you might miss perhaps. And rooms which we want you students to stay away from because only staff may go into them."
I wait for him to point out things of interest, going over some of the various uses for Deadly Chaser. It was intended for pulling fleeing enemies to me, but could also be used for a grapple hook if I could manipulate the energy just right.
(types into his PDA) "you mean these rooms that are crossed out on my PDA with red over them that says do not enter?"
Raven shakes his head. "Not exactly... There are many more rooms than the ones that are on the layout of the academy. You see... There are hidden rooms and if you come across one, it might not exactly be on your PDA."
"ok I got it stay out of anyrooms that do not appear on the PDA or are marked out in Red' (takes his plate to be washed) "Well guess I may as well catch up to the tour then." He says as he cloaks and leaves

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