Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class I+I=II

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Peter pushed off the wall and followed the group.
I look back at the Reaper and snort. Hope I got a shot at him. Always fun to see a Reaper's reaction as I cleave them in two.
I slither over to the man who glared at me and I ask "Why were you glaring at me Terran, and also, where do I go next????"
I give the cyborg zerg a sour look. "Your in the tour now so pay attention."

OOC: Note Flint is still using a younger look of himself with out any viable mutations.
I keep walking, fighting back the urge to kill the thing where it stood. "None of your business, Zerg. Just pay attention."
I walked in front of the three... Already knowing that Flint was in the group. "The other student is right. We are in the tour so you can pay attention to what's going on... Or I'll make this a grade and you'll all fail. And you either play nice or I'll separate you... I might make Terance be with me while I have Dreston(?) with Zaros."
I look at Cynthia's mother again. "Look, I'm paying attention. Zergy boy here started it."
I was half tempted to break my guise and start scolding the two but bite my tongue to keep myself from doing so.
I take everyone into the training room. "I know one or two of you found your way here already, but this is the training room. Here you can practice. There are multiple different training programs here that you can take. Or you can test yourself against your fellow students, and if you're feeling lucky, one of us. Or you can just goof off on your own." I wait for any questions at all.
I shrug; being there was a method between my madness. "You too are both boys in my eyes. Only one's less annoying. But I wont say which one..." I was actually going too ask you for a favor. You see... There's a method between my madness. That message was for Terance.
Long as I'm not getting booted on the first day. Shoot. I speak up. "Is there a dampening field or something on the training arena so that we can hurt each other, but not kill each other?"
I look around the training room, trying to gain as much data as possible to store so when I was in here I could have the advantage of knowing the layout. I wanted to let Razortooth scout it out to get even more data but I had a feeling they would not want me to let him out.
"I don't fully know that answer myself. But if you are careful... Then no one would get hurt in the first place. Only maimed," I say with a smile, it was a joke.
Since my daughter connected with you quickly and since she has a hard time having a true friend due to some unforeseen event... And you also connected with her quickly... I want to know if you are okay with being friends with her. Help with her self-esteem, bring some light back into her life... And more importantly... Give her some caring company. One last thing though... If something starts to happen, some heavy psionic disturbance or any pains in her head perhaps... Get us immediately and we'll handle it from there.
That's how she got hurt. We were sparring to get to know each other better. I swear I didn't intend to hurt her. She said that hilt could handle the stress. "Maimed, eh? What doesn't kill you I suppose..."
I smile to myself remembering all the sparing that happened in the old Academy. "Sounds like fun...."
I gave a nod to both Terance and the "student". "Yes, maimed. And it was fun. Getting hurt so many times while being reckless. It just gave that rush which you could only get from being around friends. Wouldn't you agree?"
I didn't say you had to spar with each other... If anything starts to happen, just come running for us or send a message. That will allow us to arrive quicker and deal with the situation. The reason being why I said this was... Me and Flint were talking. I can't baby her anymore and I must allow her to do her own bidding. But I'll refuse to not protect her. Can you do that for me... I mean her?
I'll do my best. "I suppose. But we'll see how many of these people I call friend by the end of it."
But I shall deny you access to her room... Mostly because it's also the Main Computer Network is located. And only the staff may go in there. Sorry about that... But there are rules for safety purposes and I hope you can understand. "I will admit... There is always that one person that no one will like. And if you want... I also teach my own class. Mainly because I feel like there should be something else than just combat that we always do. Don't worry, you don't have to have strength or intelligence to go through it either."
"I assume we would have.....fake weapons to use, or are we all perfectly fine with slaughtering one another?" I ask, smiling underneath my mask. I laugh a bit, finding it funny, but I stop laughing.

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