Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class I+I=II

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Remember that one time Zaros almost killed Cayl because you got hurt Shade?"

I smile slightly deviously but remain quiet.
Something tells me there's a family history no one's told me yet... "A dampening field makes fake weapons unneeded. We'll still use real weapons, but they can't kill."
I nod, and say nothing else.

"What Terance said. Or you can duke it out in the simulation and give you the satisfaction that you pretended to kill someone."

Terance, there is... But it's a powerful and dangerous one at that. I bet Cynthia tried to tell you, but I bet her brother tried to stop her. It's just that... This is why I almost didn't want you being next to her if she got hurt again.

Yes... I really do remember that, Flint. I almost miss the old Zaros. He was much more fun to hang out with. And he truly seemed to care about everyone at times. He just showed his emotion more often than he does now. Always a blank face.
You mean that psionic pressure? I'm not fool. That was some powerful psionic trying to take over her mind? Don't you think it would be safer for me to know so that if it happens before you can get there, I know what I'm defending against? "And now that I think about it, how are the missions done?"
I know... It is rather saddening that he has just become an emotionless shell. I feel like Jessica is more outgoing and sociable than he is and she isn't either of those things.
"Well, actually there is nothing. You just have to be careful. Though I believe there is a station somewhere that you can find ammunition that will just bruise people and get a field of energy placed of the sharp blades of your melee weaponry. Of course you can cancel that effect, though." I say to answer, correcting my mother. "It can also be used on your own body parts if you use them as weapons."
"Okay... Son. And the missions... That is one that I can't truly answer for myself."

Flint, it is a sad thing. Especially when the kids have to watch.

I'll tell you in private... But no one must know about it. You tell no one, and I promise you that I'll tell you as much that is humanly possible.
I have my own secret that I'd rather others not know about, so don't worry about me telling. "No dampener is dangerous. Your sister can attest to that." My voice was bitter at the end.
I speak up again, no longer the same Spectre. "What kind of effect would this energy field have upon psionics, and would it be able to make it harder to use psionics?"
"Well if people are responsible and use the little station, then they won't cause anything more than bruises." I reply. "Nothing. You just have to regulate your Psionics and be careful with them. If you aren't, well, then there's a serious penalty."
"I can show no guarantees with my other's use of psionics. She tends to let loose a bit too much in combat, which is why I try my hardest to get control of her before...." I trail off, not saying anything else.
I growl and start to say something but Katarn stops me. Hold your tongue, Terance. If you wish to remain friends with Cynthia, you must control your own temper. I growl again and spit out a very irate, "I'll keep that in mind."
"What exactly do you mean by "other" Terran????" I say, focusing my my robotic eye on the spectre.
"Take a guess. It shouldn't be that difficult, for someone who is partly a machine." I reply, keeping a thought to myself about what I thought about the other parts of the creature.
"You mean, two entities inside of one body??!!" I say, slightly suprised
"Destron, let me tell you a story. When I was eighteen, something happened to me while at the first Academy. My first true personality came loose. He was like another person, because he was. And this is Raven who I'm talking about. He's the one that killed my mother and father... But I also helped in killing them. You see, we are one of the same. If he dies... I die. If I die, he dies."

Then it's a deal... Meet me in my office after the tour, that is if Zaros doesn't mind joining us if he interferes.
I'll see what I can do. I was still irritated and Korzis' statement wasn't very helpful.
"It is one way of thinking of it." I reply.
I feel like some love potions are going to be in order soon. And I have the perfect char for it...

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