Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class I+I=II

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Raven was whistling as he walked down the hallway, he felt the call of a fight going on. That was when he began to cough on something and brought it up... "!@#$..." It was a Bio-Bomb. So like a soccer ball he kicks it away quickly. The Rift Network swallowed it and dispensed it into my Rift Network. Since they were both the same and I sensed that Raven was being and idiot once again... Blowing the place up already, how grand?
I crouch down and watch the proceedings;
..this'll be interesting... I wonder how they'll meet up to my old standards?...
I watched the fight intensely even though I knew the teacher would win, I wanted to see what the people I would be with for a long while were capable of so in a fight I would have knowledge of their capabilities and could discer their weaknesses before a fight. I let Razortooth and Deathwing out as I wanted them to see this with their own eyes and let them focus on things they wanted too. I lifted my arm up so Deathwing could perch on it, which he did, and I used my other arm to gently stroke Razortooth on the head.
Since Dante wouldn't muster a move... A Rift came from underneath him and swallowed him up, he was trapped int he Rift Network which only I could get out of. "He'll be in there until I let him out. Or until he realizes he's not the only one with problems."

Dante, I'll let you out if you cool down... Okay big guy?
"Fight fight fight fight fight fight" I continue to chant.
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"too late" i say before i take over his body. "you wanted to go we'll have at it. let me out and i'll show you what it truly means to be the First"
I shake my head a fight was no fun if it was over before anything happened.
The Rift spat Dante out on the ground. He was a mess already and he just went in there. I resumed my position, the tendrils showing up around my arms and legs. "Come on... If I can deal with Void Beings, I believe I can deal with you." A smirk was on my face. "Maybe I'll give you a real reason to cry about in order to get into the Medbay. That is if you can use your arms and legs."
"lets make this more interesting. just me and you. no abilities just raw fist to raw fist" i say
I gladly agreed to those terms. They disappeared as I brought up my fists.
IC "ladies first" i say

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I roll my eyes;
...a fair fight? a nice concept, if your enemy is an honorable one...
"No... The point being is that you go first. You say I can't handle it. So why don't you go first. After all, the gentlemen let's the lady go first but now I'm allowing you to go first."
I hissed angrily at the fact that they decided to do a plan out brawl. I would not learn very much from this since it seemed since most everyone here used abilities often but if I ever got into a raw melee fight I would want to see if I could overpower them with my increible strength (he's a Zerg cyborg) or if it might be an equal fight.
I chuckle at the Zerg. "I know what you're playing at. Your incredible strength if you're outsmarted."
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IC: Sam just watches everything unfold while being cloaked near the door.
IC: "very well......" i say before suddenly shifting forwards sending punch for her stomach.
I sweep my feet so I was at his side. Using his momentum I used my elbow and hand and slammed it into his back. Making him stumble onto the floor.
"I will not be outsmarted if I know everything I can about my opponent. Their personality, strength, fighting style and more all need to be analyzed so I will outsmart them." I say in my monotone.
IC: i flip around so that my back faces the ground and stabilize the fall with my hands before sweeping both legs in a scissor motion towards her legs, successfully tripping her

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