Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class I+I=II

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"You can't assume an analysis is going to guarantee victory. All it takes it to prey on one weakness. The funny thing, you have several." With you warning, I slam my elbow into Destro's upper chest plate, a faint cracking heard. "That reduces your breathing capacity." A chop with my hand to his shoulder, dislodging his arm joint. "You're down an arm." And a high kick to his jaw, sending him flying back. "And your knock out point, if hit with more force."
As soon as I had tripped, a leg went right for him... My foot successfully connecting with his !@#$%^-*s.
IC: Sam decloaks near the door and pulls out one of his knives. "or you do it when they don't expect it" He says as he starts to play around with his knife.
I chuckle slightly at the teacher's move;
...classic... and incredibly ineffective against me...
I think wryly.
I giggle, watching the other student fight the creature. I found it amusing, especially since the creature was being cocky.
IC: i catch her foot between my legs, throwing her center of gravity forwards before throwing out another punch for her face as she falls
OOC: You do realize that hiis lungs are pushed back to accomadate his minions so it just dents his chest plate.

IC: Deathwing shrieks and lifts off, soaring overhead. Razortooth takes a quick lunge with his extra llong tail before he jumps onto a wall, walking on it normally, out of reach from the man. I personally slither back lightning fast before hissing and shooting a warning spine at him.
I let the punch connected with my face, before biting down hard with my teeth against his flesh. There was blood on both of us as I then brought an elbow at his arm. There was a sickening crack as his arm he used to punch me was broken.
"I've seen enough" He says as he recloaks and leaves
Ghoster appears and splits the spine in two, each half landing in the wall behind me. "Too slow buddy. Seriously, a 'complete analysis' won't do you any kind of good." A well timed throw put his ground minion in my hand by his throat, which I promptly threw back at the cyborg. "Learn to be more self reliant. These two can't do everything."

OOC: That's why he hit the upper part, which would shove the metal into his lungs.
IC: i roll backwards with her on top of me, so that when i turn her head connects with the hard ground. before she could come to her senses i deliver a a close range punch to her stomach, the same one i used against the punching bag in the training room. as it connects the breath is knocked out of her and i could tell she would almost vomit
I smile weakly. "I'm glad that... you... Can make it in the ring I guess... But what about a real fight to the death?" As I said that, several tendrils came out of the ground and pinned Dante/Jack down. three of them alone wrapping around his neck as the Psi-Energy went through the floor and back again, wrapping it tightly as it squeezed.
Razortooth runs off to the side, ready to attack when their was an opening. Deathwing dives at the Terran and metal plate opened up on his stomach and a small missle dropped out and zipped towards the Terran. I got up and slithered away before a beam shot from my cybernetric eye at lightning fast speed at the Terran.
Zaros struggled to keep himself from coming to Shade's aid. He hated when anyone dealt any damage to her. Whenever that would happen he would often break the arms of the person responsible, but he refrained. Shade would want him to stay out of it.
IC: as my flesh burned i started laughing hysterically "DO YOU KNOW THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY?" i ask before i let invade her mind with ravage. she was distracted with the physical battle so much that by the time her barriers were up i just plowed through them like a wrecking ball. it was like tendrils of my own wrapped around her brain and squeezed
I nod in approval;
...good, teach the kid that a 'fair fight' is only for practice, never a real fight...
"Darkra, you cannot do that. She has had years of training and is part Protoss. She out-strengthens you in Psionics ten-fold. She would be able to do both. I am this close to have Zaros intervene and break your skull open."
I laugh and leap over the laser beam (which would move faster than a missile) and cleave the missile in two, landing and putting myself inches from the cyborg's face, both the great sword and Ghoster crossed to remove his head, a grin on my face. "You quick to judge, rash in your decisions and over confident that your range will win a fight. You're pathetic." I kick the cyborg away and return to my spot on the wall, waiting for the Spectre to make a mistake. Then Zaros wouldn't get a chance to step in, I'd do it as a fellow student.
SF but you don't know the identity of my other half yet
Darkra, it doesn't matter. Unless you have a Hybrid's brain, you're character is inferior psionically. You will lose in a psionic duel.

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