Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class I+I=II

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Don't matter. Teachers are OP for a reason. Also, I like how Mecha and I had a skirmish so I could knock the confidence down a few levels.
"Fine. Zaros is intervening and cutting off all Psionic access for you. Seriously. You aren't half Protoss, you lack as much experience, and most of all, Shade is a teacher and is supposed to be OP. I know I did something similar with the 'Demon', but I knew where to draw the line and he is a void being."
OOC: what so i'm supposed to let myself get fried? well you gotta try tho lets put it at that. besides CR could just say that i was repelled and its all good in the hood
02/23/2013 06:53 PMPosted by darkra
OOC: what so i'm supposed to let myself get fried? well you gotta try tho
Who said anything about killing you at first? If you bring legitimate harm to a teacher or student where it could cause serious damage to them... Hell's gonna break loose.

IC: That's when my mind was invaded and my teeth were shown. Pressing one foot down on his throat. "You try and destroy my mind, I'll destroy everything that you ever were." My voice could be heard by all.
I watch as the man turns his head away. Perfect. I think to myself and Razortooth silently (and when I mean silent I mean mother!@#$ing Xenomorph silent so no "You hear him" %^-*) walks on the wall until he was almost directly above the man. His tail seemed to have a mind of its own as it quietly moved around until it found the perfect angle, it coiled up, and then faster than a whip it stabbed at the mans head. (and remember its spiked at the end)
i grin "looks like this is gonna be a lot of fun in the future" i say before retreating back into Dante's mind.

i'm greeted by pain as i regain control of my body. "you couldn't murder me in a less harmful way" i choke before staring at the ceiling.
A tendril came from Terance's head and grabbed the Zerg by the tail and flung it across the room. "Dante, get up and don't try anything else again unless I say so... Zaros do you want to watch him?" I ask. That's when I point at Dreston and Terance. "If you two are so eager... Get in the ring and duke it out before we leave."
I glance back and shake my head. "Your thoughts betray you as well." I then face Shade. "Nothing personal, just proving a point. Might we go on?"
"well my arm is broken and my skin has been fried to extra crispy. now you're asking me to get up?"
"Yes, get up... And your skin isn't fried to a crisp. It's solid Psi-Energy that can change it's matter in order to go through the walls and flooring. Quite simple really. Now get up." I then look up at Terance. "Yes... Go with Zaros and Korzis. I'll stay with Dante and take him to the Medbay..."
I nod and look at the pair. "Ready when you are."
I giggle again, and say "Do you want someone to keep an eye on him?" I reach down for a canister at my belt, and pull it up.
i turn to the side of my good arm and lift myself up. i grit my teeth as pain flares in my broken arm. "lets go" i say
Razortooth whimpers, but limps off with only minior bruises. I order them both to return so I can repair any damage they recieved. I hiss at Terrance, which so far was the most organic sound I had made so far, and I stand still to help repairs for all of us go a little quicker.
"Dante, you can wait... Because if that happens again and if something happens to my daughter while you are in there!..." I then look at Omicron. "No... There shall be plenty of people watching him."
"don't worry Jack is just as bruised as i am. even if he takes over what am i gonna do with a ragged knuckle and broken arm? turn into a kangaroo and kick her to death?"
I shrug. "Ok." I start stepping away from the group with the canister in hand. It was glowing a purple color.
"Dante, because the fact remains that you can still use your other arm, and your teeth. You are also psionic but that might not work against her. Now start walking and walk in front of me."
I just chuckle at the cyborg and keep walking. Maybe he'll learn not to trust the machine part of himself solely anymore.
"I see you have some Terrazine Terran." I say, pointing at the purple canister in Omnicron's hand.

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