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I just used the blizzard digital installer to re download the original Starcraft battle chest and it downloaded fine, but when i click on the installer exe file it says power PC not supported...is there anyway that I can play the original game on my mac? THanks for any help
Unless you are running snow leopard (10.6) or earlier, as of today you can't run Starcraft 1. Your best bet is to play in Win 7 via bootcamp. Hopefully blizzard will update all their 'classic' games (Starcraft, diablo II, Warcraft 3) to run on modern macs but i'm not holding my breath. I wish blizzard was more like valve in that regard as they are porting their original goldsource games (half-life 1) to both mac and linux.
So is Blizz just being lazy taking our money & not supporting their own games, or is this a purposeful slap in the face if you own a Mac?
it hardly works under win 7 either, so i'm guessing it's the former
I would also love to play Brood War and would buy Diablo II if they fixed this issue.

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