Need a new exe version of the 1.5.4 patch

Technical Support
I need it mostly becasue I seriously am not going to wait for two days pretty much, waiting to install 24 patches to a fresh copy of SC2 i just installed.

Could we get a no-hassle and low-times-wasted fix to this? I honestly liked it better when you could download all th patcehs in one file, sure it took 1-2 hours, but it's easily 10 times faster than sc2's built-in patcher.

Or could the patcher just combine all latest changes and install them in one go, treating all 24 or so as one patch?

EDIT: Never mind, forgot that after the first patch it jsut does what i said after optimization. delete this thread or whatever anyone wishes to do with it, my own problem was solved by simply waiting xD

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