Ping/response better on NA then SEA for optus

Been playing on SEA since launch, but since the 2.0.4 patch have had some very laggy games (not caused by background downloading, mine finished). Switched over to NA and the game seems to be much more responsive to input, even better then it was before 2.0.4.

I'm with Optus cable in Melbourne, anyone else experience the same?
The routing via optus goes through NA to get to the SEA server, which is located in singapore. It is entirely due to this reason that all people who bought an SEA account got a free NA account.

So NA should have less ping if you are with Optus, or something is seriously going wrong.
Optus' awful routing to SEA servers has been known since launch. Most people say that it's around double the ping to SEA server than it is to NA using them.

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The irony is the Optus is Singaporean owned.
I have Optus in Melbourne too, It's spoiled many MMO and games for me.
As sooon as my contracts up GOOOODBYE OPTUS! HELLO NBN!
it's cheaper to route traffic to the US than Singapore. Optus is a budget provider.
Yeah I have optus here in WA, hasn't really been a noticeable difference though.

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