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I attempted to change my AUS/NZ region name via the Account Management page on, when I clicked the "1 FREE Character Name Change" icon, it displayed a message saying "You have no eligible characters on this account" When obviously I do, as you can tell by me writing this.

Is this a bug? Im unable to play with my friends on the AUS/NZ region, and yes my region is global.
I think its a bug, since they added the new reigons. I have the same problem D: If you have been playing on a new region switch back to your normal one in-game ?
I got same problem. :(
same problem
same problem
I have the same problem when trying to change my name on TW/KR.
Same problem
Yup, They better fix this soon.

It seems like once you have played on more than one region you cannot change your name anymore even if you still have 1 free name change remaining. Probably because now we have more than one in-game name, only on different regions. System doesnt know which name you want to change or something, they need to fix it.
Same Problem. Blizzard should fix it soon i hope :)
This is such crap :(
I assume this can't be that hard to fix
Yeah, available free name change, no eligible characters. I was even eligible a couple weeks ago, but i couldnt pick out a name i liked enough. Finally found one, and now im suddenly ineligible.
like the OP so this gets seen, request sticky as well
this is so lame lmao

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