Reaper (RP): Showdown.

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The final battle is at hand.
KO, Zack didn't know that the armories were destroyed, just like how the Reapers at first didn't know the hangers were destroyed at first. Just make the explosives duds. XD
Since Alex and co. decided not to help him, I had to give him some means of breaching the door.
They had reason not to trust him, plus he would just leave them there so in retrospect... It would actually be quite useless to give him something when he'll just them them there when everyone needs to be at that door. It's humorous.
I sigh in relief and grab four; one for each side and the top and bottom of the door. I then rush back to the bridge. This would end now.
I sit in a desk chair, somewhat concerned with how events are transpiring. Zack has given up on the door for the moment, meaning he's come to his senses and is probably going for some other way in. Therefore, I don't have much time left. Of course, I have the sample in my briefcase.

I glance at the device as it arms. Just a little longer...
Blinking the rest of the way, I appear at the door to the bridge, and set the charges. Times up, @ss hole. Priming them, I create a shield of flame, setting them off and blowing the door away from it's holding.
Blast. I smile slightly at the irony of that thought. Literally.

Well, no choice now but to go to last resort mode.

"Hello, Zack. I was wondering how long it would take you to get in here. I must admit, you've accomplished a great deal, considering who and what you are. You've come a long way from a lab rat who couldn't even save his own best friend from an overgrown Zergling."
"I've let that pass, Doc. Things happened. If I were to let them rule me, I wouldn't be here right now." I draw my rifle, leveling it with his left shoulder. "Last words, or will you go out quietly?"
"Last words?" I think a moment. "Hmm. I'm a little unprepared. I'll have to say them another day." I tap yet another button.

"I have someone to introduce you to, first."

The bodies of the dead monsters fuse together into a writhing mass as a shield forms over me. Other bodies slide through the destroyed door, drawn as if by a magnet.
The dead bodies began to move around us towards the bridge? "What the hell is going on?"

OOC: By the way... I just remembered but we don't have much air left.
No... no you don't.

Thank you again, Zanon.
I feel like that's taken from Dead Space for some reason...

IC: I activate the Ps blade and remain ready.
I smile. "Have a good one, Zack."

The writhing mass reches a collossal height, then takes on a hideous shape.

It looks kind of like this:
I growl at increase the output to both blades. "DOCTOR!!!"
"Yes, was there something you wanted?" I inspect a nail.
"When I'm done with your toy, you'll be eating your liver before dying." I leap up, taking off one of the claws, twisting mid air to avoid another.
03/01/2013 03:26 PMPosted by Zarkun
taking off one of the claws

It's a Reaver. Several hundred shield points.
...Void blade. I win. XD Plus...are we actually going to do that? Seems kinda redundant honestly.
It's an epic boss battle. Zack is no match for the Reaver alone. After all, it took an entire protoss army to defeat a single Destroyer, and the two types seem about the same strength.

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