Reaper (RP): Showdown.

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"I'm pleased to report that you have one minute 20 seconds of air left." Comes the AI's perky voice (from every loudspeaker and PA system in the ship).

Fortunately for Zack, he got zerg-a-fied. Red quarter domes form on a few locations on his skin as they take in Oxygen from the rapidly thinning atmosphere. Zerg growths...
They wouldn't save him from Zero pressure/atmosphere environments... He was still too human for that. As for everyone else...

Something people don't realize is that (in this situation) when someone says "You have 1 minute of air left" and you had three minutes to begin with, you have just about a third of the atmospheric DENSITY you had originally. It just isn't enough air to operate on at 100%.

One of the staff still alive tries to run for an airtight room. His lungs have been struggling to get O2 to his blood for the last minute and a half. His under oxidized mussels (coupled with the sudden drop in air pressure AKA altitude sickness) go 'lol nope' and he hits the ground. Discord walks past the man, still in the guise of the dead scientist. "Sorry man. Your only human. Unless someone asks me to close the airlocks you will be dead in a minute."

Everyone not in FULL environmental containment gear is suffering from O2 deprivation. Unless you are a machine like Discord.

You are having trouble breathing.
I slip on my mask that was on the side of my suit, all reapers had a mask. I equipped it as the oxygen coursed through my body, doing the same with Peter and Archer.
My helmet seals and I am fine, landing and cursing. Reavers....great...{Some help would be nice...}
I laugh, seeming strangely unaffected by the lack of air. "Perhaps this was a drastic step. It would have been faster to just disable all life support. Still, I have always enjoyed a good dramatic final battle, like this one: Your last battle, Zack."
KO, I don't think SB will be joining us... and I know the Reapers will continue to try and run...and I know Discord won't can this please be winable with just Zack?
Discord shook his head. "I swear. These humans are so stupid some times. I could fix this in a matter of seconds."

The man on the floor makes a choking sound.

Discord looked over at the man. "You are right. Dying of exposure to vacuum is a painful death." He took a few steps towards the man and saw the beginnings of hope light the man's features. Discord smiled gently and knelt knelt next to the man.

Then broke his neck with one hand.
I'm gonna say this, the Reapers may be stupid, but they ain't that stupid. Plus SB wont be able to get on because I believe he's on vacation?

IC: {No can do creepy guy, we may be stupid, but we ain't that stupid. Hell, we saw bodies dragging themselves.}
03/01/2013 04:51 PMPosted by Zarkun
KO, I don't think SB will be joining us... and I know the Reapers will continue to try and run...and I know Discord won't can this please be winable with just Zack?

Um... Excuse me? You made two requests. One was poorly worded and the other was impossible because you melted the door part way.

Discord has not been unwilling to help. He just doesn't volunteer.
{They were hybrids. I'm facing off against a Reaver. And if I die, so do your chances of getting off this place. Discord, please close the airlocks.}

OOC: Please, KO? And you've been asked for help, Zanon XD That radio message was in general.
{Let us see here.... Hybrid with !@#$ty weapons and the fact remains that the armory is destroyed... We are running incredibly low of ammo so we wont be any good anyway. You know it's true.} Avoiding the topic about the charges.
Discord was walking toward the bridge. Zack hadn't asked for help... he had said it would be nice, but that wasn't the same. Perhaps needle him a bit.
{A please would be nice as well.}
Unit: Desecrator
Lore: The hybrids are powerful beings that crackle with immense energy but these monstrosities are on a whole different level. From the various reports, they bend the space time fabric around them with their mere presence, twisting and distorting reality at its whim. Unconfirmed reports states that it can phase itself, as conventional weapons completely does nothing to it. The only way to damage and kill such creatures so far is through psionic energy. Only the most powerful psionics can hope to damage a Desecrator and it takes a well coordinated group to kill one with heavy losses.

I am disappoint.

"I got 4 clips left on me and and I lost my other gun. I don't think it'll even phase the ugly bastar-d."
{Look, Alex. You're trying awfully hard to hide something. Don't make me rip your mind apart.} I then sigh at Discord. {Please close the airlocks and help me kill this Reaver.}
{Okay fine, we only have a few charges left, but like Archer said... None of our weapons will do jack !@#$ and we'll need a %^-* ton more than just charges.}
NOw for my next Star Wars quote:

"Wipe them out. All of them."
I appear from the shadows, looking around at the events taking place, my jaw having fused together to form a mask as the glowing organs all over my body begin to pump blood into my muscles... Large Hybrid creature created by using MY research? Check... Fragile humans crawling on the floor, giving up on life? Check... Sheer and utter hatred boiling behind my eyes as I begin a slow chuckle, my mind already unlocking the final door in the previously overwritten supercomputer that was the clone's brain...
Poor, Sweet, Precious Laura... such a shame that you must go in such a way...
The Ship plummets into darkness, sucked in by her subconscious' final and fatal attempt at crossing into the Void.
Of course, this would have repercussions after all this is over, but until then, the idiotic humans can breathe, regardless of the oxygen their bodies crave, and the status of the Life Support.

This would be interesting.
"You !@#$ers miss me?"
{Every little bit helps.} I look over and see Andy, nodding to him as I prepare myself to kill the thing before me. "This all ends here."
I sigh into the comm chat. {Fine, but you better hold your deal of the bargain.} "Come on... He's the only way off this place."
Of course... they would find her body later, completely lifeless, her eyes stone cold, the whites of her eyes now a pitch black... Hmm... Zack would require an explanation... the others wouldn't need to know... I sigh, feeling the tiniest bit depressed, knowing that I just killed the closest thing I had to my sister... Oh well... viciously tearing this thing limb from limb would serve as perfect therapy. I look down at my hand, smiling softly behind my carapace-d mask, my eyes turning to the creature before me.
"My dear Doctor... please... this is plagiarism. At least credit me for my hard work... which you took from my Sister..." My arm begins to seemingly melt, the bones twisting and extending, sharpening to form a long flat blade.

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