Reaper (RP): Showdown.

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"No air remaining. Airlocks closed. Repressurizing all compartments. Air content will be at 50% Earth norm in three minutes. Have a nice day!"

Discord shrugged as he continued. So everyone without a suit was dead. Too bad for them. Yet, that eliminated them all nicely. No loose ends... Not that Discord wasn't planning to blow up the station anyway.

{Be there in a few seconds.}
OOC: ... Zanon everyone can breathe in the Void... :P Or... Their Vengeful Spirits can somehow manifest or some !@#$ |D
I face the Doctor, having felt Laura die, my rage reaching a deadly point. "You cost me the first person I've cared for in a long time. For that, you don't even get to eat your liver."
"Pity. I do love liver, especially fried with onions. Do I at least get a drink?"
Discord rounds the corner.
He seems oddly oblivious to the battle around him. He speaks directly to Zach. "What do you mean Laura is dead?"
"The Void we're in, is her parting gift to us, so that we might live." I then growl and leap at the Reaver, switching from the blades to the C30A, the grenade launcher firing like a semi auto weapon.
I frown a bit, shrugging.
"He means that I activated a trigger buried into her subconscious to give her a chance to free herself and aid us... In that second she sent this entire ship to the Void... with everyone in it..."
I look out the Bridge viewport, seeing only darkness.
"He also means, that I get to eat the Doctor's liver instead."
Discord looks far too calm for the situation, machine or not.
"I see. Who necessitated this shift?"
"The good Doctor." I land on the other side and shift the rifle to my back, redrawing my Void blade and activating the Psi blade. "I've laid claim to his life. Believe me, he will pay."
I look almost bored with the situation... After all, Discord should've been able to see all the signs, having known both Laura before and after her accident...
"She did, she didn't want to see more death than was needed... You know her... the 'pacifist'."
I narrow my eyes towards him. He knew just as much as I did about her nature... much more sadistic than she showed...
Discord turns his focus to the Doctor.
"I don't care about your claim."

Discord's form blurs into a Protoss Scout's left engine.

Yep. A full blown engine in less than a second. It fires and the engine goes flying at the doctor at a ridiculous speed. But it doesn't stay like that.
Faster than you have ever seen him change, Discord converts all that mass and acceleration into a single Gauss spike projectile... He is now a bullet with the mass and speed of a rocket behind him.

To say the doctor's head exploded is an understatement. The bulkhead, and the next five after that also explode as the projectile that is Discord passes through them. A shower of golden dust hits the sixth bulkhead, bounces off and hits the floor like sand tossed out of a bucket.

No sparks of blue light this pile of dust.
...There's a shield there...
Not anymore.
I look at the dust, sighing, and looking back at the creature in front of me.
"So... even the AI was a fool... Zack... don't do anything stupid in Laura's name... especially not in the shadow of her name... You will be reunited with your love soon enough... after this is all over... just don't die on her now..."
I leaped over the Reaver, the shadows in the room turning into blades, bursting forward and into the creature's shielding, pounding against it as I drive my blade into it's shoulder, hoping to sever the muscles and tendons in it's arm... it's head seemed much too armored to pierce in a single blow like that.
I vaulted off of the creature, landing next to Zack and sighing.
"But... kill it in Discord's name instead..."
OOC: Zanon get on skype. I want to discuss something with you.
"I don't know Discord that well...." Leaping up, I focus and unleash a massive fireball on it's shields, landing on it briefly and striking at it's other shoulder before leaping away.
I sighed, chuckling and flipping to avoid a swipe of it's claws.
"Too bad... once you do he proves to be quite the invaluable ally... just need to be very specific with him, however..."
I land and shoot several armor-piercing spines towards the Creature, trying to keep as much room between us as possible.
"I noticed with the doors." I fire a flurry of bullets at it, rolling beneath one claw and over another. "This feels...tedious..."
"It is a mindless creature, given a simple command... it has no feeling... no will of it's own..." I step back, observing the creature...

"It was created as a hybrid of the physical aspects of each race... rather than the mental ones, like myself and Laura..."
I take close aim, sighing and shooting another spine, shooting towards it's eye, hoping to blind it.
The hybrid focuses on Zack, rushing at him while launching a psionic attack.

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