Reaper (RP): Showdown.

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The roar of the hybrid charging Zack somehow knocks Archer off his feet and he painstakingly gets up. "Oxygen levels at 80% capacity and that thing is scarier than any Protoss or Zerg I've encountered," he mutters to himself.

He unloads a clip at the hybrid who pays no attention to the bullets. "And my bullets don't even register in its mind. Great."
I wait til the last possible moment and blink, avoiding the charge, though I had a massive headache from trying to hold back the attack. Suppose I was lucky in that aspect since they were powerful psionics. Appearing behind it, I slam it with another fire ball.
It seems to hardly notice the flames, but charges Zack and tries to hurl him through the viewscreen.
I flick my wrist out, shadows appearing in front of Zack, impaling it's legs repeatedly, attempting to do some damage by at least getting through the top layer of skin... By using his shadows, I could keep it's attention off of me and attempt to analyze it for a weak point...
There's a...wait...nevermind XD

IC: I flip and land against the viewscreen, pushing off and slamming into the giant with my shoulder, knocking it over as I continue on towards the wall. "Bad idea!" I brace for impact, then blink through it several times, eventually slowing down and sliding to a stop at Andy's feet. "Well, that was...different." Standing up, I shake my head, dispelling the last of the headache. "Lucky hit. I won't be that sloppy again."
I look at him, frowning and disappearing into the ground as the creature begins to charge at Zack again, appearing on the other side of the room and tripping it with his shadow, watching it fall inches away from him.
"Let me analyze it... keep it busy, don't die. Simple as that."
I sigh and avoid a sweeping claw, taking off a head tentacle before landing to it's left. "No promises."
The creature seizes Zack with its mind, hurling him upward into the ceiling. He blows through the solid metal and strikes a glowing blue object before falling back down to meet a heavy blow that sends him into the wall.
I flip again, landing feet first and pushing off, this time ramming the Void blade into it and knocking it against the viewport. "Bad hybrid."
/me I begin to strafe around the creature, feeling Shadowy daggers jab into the creature's ankles. This glowing object Zack struck... could be significant... perhaps it was worthy of inspection..?

A ghostly chorus begins to ring out in the bridge, and an orchestral piece begins to play:
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You have been in one too many chatrooms.

The Hybrid hurls a console at Andy.
I blink and intercept the console, my Psi blade cleaving it in two. "Oh no, you don't. You and me buddy."
{Zack... We are outside the door and let me tell you this... I'll give you the charges but there's no point in me really joining the fight. I don't have a gun personally and none of the stuff we were issued will even scratch that thing. So hurry your !@# up for your new toys.}
{Kinda,} I flip over another swipe, {busy at the moment. Just come in. It's focused on me.}
{I see what you are planning on doing even though you can blink... Whatever.} I got the charges ready, ready to detonate when a button was pushed. Pulling my knife out as the colors of blue swirled around the Hybrid... Raw Psionic Energy. Lovely.
{It's dangerous to blink to you when this thing can trace my blink. It's safer for you to do it yourself.}
Whoa... What'd I miss?
They're fighting a hybrid. Discord turned itself into a projectile and pulverized the Doctor.
And Peter...

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