Reaper (RP): Showdown.

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Is outside the Bridge, which is where the battle is occurring.
03/02/2013 02:26 PMPosted by ThaneKrios
And Peter...
... is not dead.
Is being forced to help kill the Hybrid. KO, I was disappointed you let Discord have it. I had a rather artistic death in mind for you.
RIght, right. Just kill the Hybrid.

I'm surprised nobody took notice of the blue glowing thing Zack crashed into.
A single blue spark lights the golden pile of dust. With what little power it has brings awareness back to Discord. With that awareness a single, scary thought.

I'm dieing.

What came after Death had been a contested point among humans since the beginnings of their existence. The Protoss knew that they would join the Kala when they died... And machines...

They just stopped working. No one debated if there was an afterlife for artificial intelligences. Why bother? Humans weren't even sure if there was an afterlife for them, they who had been made by the universe instead of by the will of some Xel'naga scientist.

I'm dieing.

Did that mean an afterlife? Or just the cessation of function?

No. I refuse to die.

Two more sparks lit the sand and it began to draw itself together. It wasn't enough. The pile forming lost cohesion and fell back to the ground... granted in a neater pile, like sand after passing through an hourglass.

I'm dieing.
RIght, right. Just kill the Hybrid.

I'm surprised nobody took notice of the blue glowing thing Zack crashed into.
If by blue glowing thing is Hybrid? Alex already took notice of it.
"He is dead then."

"THen he is more powerful than ever."

RIght, right. Just kill the Hybrid.

I'm surprised nobody took notice of the blue glowing thing Zack crashed into.

Andy did, but Zack is attempting to survive.

IC: I duck beneath another claw and leap over the second. Just my luck. Kill the psycho, the psycho has control of a hybrid. Psycho's dying wish is that said Hybrid kills me.
The glowing blue object that Zack had impacted... how curious...
I blinked up to it, reaching to tap it with my claw, wondering exactly what it was...
Once again, Zack's shadows lash out, attempting to injure the beast.
Just stick to the shadows and I can aid you, you get into the middle of the room, you're royally f*cked. Just saying.
I roll to one side, firing a small meteor storm of sorts at the beast. What do you think I've been doing?
It appears to be a very large battery, composed of some crystalline substance. It is obviously Protoss in origin, and you can tell it is charged with massive amounts of energy and is extremely dense.

It is also virtually invincible.
I look at the battery, snapping my fingers. Where the hell was Laura's body..?

I needed to get to the Phantom... couldn't get out of the Void- would just be floating in space... I could bring the ship into here..? Perhaps...

Is your ship still in the Docking Bay, Zack? I need to procure my late Sister's ship, in order to possibly charge whatever kind of battery this is to it's brink, then some. I am thinking that this thing is incredibly important in our fight again- to your left.

Several black tendrils lash out, keeping the Hybrid from taking off Zack's leg with a lucky blow.

Nevermind... just tell me if your ship is here or not... I'd rather not end up floating in space again if I can help it...
I leap up onto the Hybrid's head, slashing off some of the tentacles and then leap of, spinning around mid air so I land facing the Hybrid. No, it's in orbit around the station. I couldn't leave it in the hangars. Glad I didn't since the SOB blew them up.
I sigh, then hop down, extremely calm amidst the chaos that was in the Bridge, beginning to walk away.
You have some fun with our friend here, I need to go find a body... Lets see just how much of her form is left after pulling us all into the Void, shall we..?
My shadows were beginning to pool around the glowing object, attempting to cover every inch of it, trying to cut it off from whatever kept it inside the ship.
I'll do that. Another leap, another slice, another missing tentacle. Not like it mattered though. Thing's regenerative powers were insane.
I stop as I walk through the door from the Bridge, turning back to the fight.
And with that, I blink away.
I look towards Andy right before he blinks, then leap over another clawed swipe. "That was odd...."
The Hybrid moves forward, beneath the crystal. It appears to be drawing power from it.
I watch the Hybrid and think. If it was drawing power from the crystal, what would happen if I killed the power to the crystal...


I noticed what the creature was doing and I threw the charges onto the crystal, detonating them.
As the creature ignored Archer, striding past him in favor of a more palatable plate that was the ghost, Archer saw Alex throwing charges onto the crystal.

"Ah what the hell?" He runs towards the crystal and begins to unload bullets on his pistol.

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