Reaper (RP): Showdown.

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I feel them shooting towards the crystal, laughing to myself.
Don't waste ammunition. Keep the beast busy, I'm going to grab a Banshee and bombard the utter hell out of that thing... I hope you all like the idea of dodging missiles within a split second~
Andy's advice seems valid. The bullets and shrapnel seems to glance off of the thing without so much as scratching it.
I crouch down and build up force, leaping up and flip kicking the Hybrid in the chin, knocking him back. "Man, does this thing even feel pain?"
The Reaver's response is a roar that deafens everyone in the rooms and seems to shake the floor, followed by a charge.
I leap to one side, letting it smash into the wall. "I'll take that as a yes."
The Crystal pulses faintly, then darkens again. Most of the lights dim for several seconds, and the Hybrid seizes this chance to attack.
Ah, Void powers FTW!

IC: I dodge the claw and lash out, taking off a bit. "Hope yo felt that."
The Hybrid pauses in its attack, retreating back to the crystal. It stands beneath it, apparently absorbing energy.
Her body would have blinked to the center of the ship to be able to send it and it's inhabitants into the Void as she did... Therefore, it would be logical to assume that her body would be there... The center of a Science Vessel... I wonder what it would look like with Laura's mental influence causing physical changes to it... it would most likely look like hell covered in a black blanket, but I'd find out soon enough.
I don't give it a chance to absorb much as I slam into hit with my shoulder again, knocking it away. "Oh no you don't." I fire on it with my machine pistol, considering going to the grenade launcher again, but shrug and continue the attack.
Hmm... the area was beginning to look more stripped down... as if the apocalypse had happened in the center of the ship and I had given it a few hundred years to let the rest of the world regrow and quarantine it... humanity began to erase itself in front of me. Shining metal turned rusty and gave way to holes to I didn't want to know where, bits and pieces of metal even left on the skeleton of the halls, which had begun to slowly deteriorate themselves... This was some unfathomable belly of the beast that I was treading into...
The energy levels within the crystal begin to increase... ever so slowly...
I curse and look at the view port and back at the Hybrid, then shake my head. Last resort only... I blast it back again with a large fire ball. {Andy, hurry the f*ck up.}
I sigh, and cough a bit, still not fully healed from the impact.
Trying to navigate a hellish junkyard, thank you.
I hop over a few gaps, landing gracefully on the metal support beams and finding myself staring at a large glowing ball.
Roughly the size of a small car, the ball faintly glowed green, with specks of black making it look almost like lava... I sighed, beginning to walk towards it. So this is what happened when we died inside the Void... a spirit trapped inside it's own body... When we returned the shadow would be extinguished...

Her body laid against a crumbling wall, head slumped over, legs loosely crossed, and her arms rested peacefully on the floor, her hands open and facing upwards. I sat down next to her body, not wasting a minute before I took her gear, beginning to change my body into hers so it would fit perfectly. From there, I assimilated her mind, making her memories and thoughts my own, quickly storing them in a darker recess of my mind, before finally taking her weapons and sliding them into their holsters and sheathes.

For the time being, I would take the place of my currently out of commission sister... more literally than figuratively... I began to blink back to the bridge, stopping outside of it and activating the small computer on Laura's gauntlet, quickly authorizing the priming of the Phantom's weapon systems. I maneuvered it to where I wanted it to be before taking a deep breath, looking around the corner to see how the fight was going before disappearing from the Void, finding myself inside the Banshee once again, sitting in the cargo bay.

Quickly placing Jynx (who for all intents and purposes is asleep if Jay ever comes back) in the Cargo hold I jumped into the Cockpit, feeling energy surge around us as the ship cloaks and enters the Void, looking at the desolate derelict Space Vessel floating in the midst of nothing. The jets propelled us towards the bridge, the ship level with the port.
{Why hello there everyone! Did you guys call for some heavy support, by chance?}
I leap over another sweep and fire off an energy pulse, staggering the beast. {Tell me you're not doing what I think you're doing.}
I tap my chin a bit before laughing a bit maniacally.
{Weeeeeeell. I believe that six or so Thermobaric Explosives should destroy at least PART of that thing?}
I begin to flick some switches on the control panel, hearing the warheads begin to prime.
{Are you--} I don't waste time finishing the sentence. "Everyone, run! NOW!" I push the Reapers out the door, running back and putting the sand in a container for transport, then hauling @ss off the bridge.
My laughter fills the comms as the first explosion sends everything, including the Hybrid, towards the viewport, as the last five missiles flew past it, detonating in the hole leading to the crystal, the explosion literally engulfing the Hybrid and sending the Phantom flying backwards.
"Hang on!" We fly through the air, colliding with the wall with various thuds, though my was a bit more sickening. {F*ck! You broke my arm!}
I chuckled a bit, blinking back over to Zack, still in Laura's body, bending down and resetting his arm violently, before giggling a bit, speaking in her voice. "Shut up and suck it up. In a few minutes we will be able to go back into the bridge and survey the damage~"

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