[SBK] Looking for a friendly clan ? Join US !

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Hello fellows,

You are not looking for a hardcore clan where you have to give your resume and playing the game like a chinese farmer ?

Then you should find a suitable chair to sit in and spend your playing time having fun.

You have to know the requirements:
-be optimistic
-be funny
-have fun playing this game

That's it !

Why should you join us ?
-We are optimistic
-We are funny
-We have fun playing this game

That's it !

Don't waist your time anymore and come along by whispering me a message (character code 676) !

I would like to join

Consider joining with us. We run our clan the same way. No control freaks, shared admin, etc. Also, we do have some players to like to compete, but everyone has fun!

How do you join clans?
@harvybirdman @DarthVader
You can send me a message in game.

@theTRUTH : thanks a lot for your message. I will consider it in the future. For now, i have my clan to manage. But thank you and have fun !

I Would LOVE to Join!

seems fun I would like to play this game more but do not know many people so this seems like a great start.
I want to join!
Character code:820
Thanks guys, i will invite you when i'll be online.

If anyone wants to join us, it's free so don't wait and let me a message here or in game.

I want to join! blaze:1869

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