Your top 5 all time game disappointments

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1) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I loved Morrowind and really looked forward to this game but the level scaling killed it for me. It took away all motivation for me to level up and explore.

2) Call of Duty: MW3. I loved COD4 and MW2 and expected Infinity Ward to produce another great title with lots of innovative changes but it didnt happen. It didnt even have a pure sniper map.

3) Dragon Age: Origins. I got way too hyped up for this game when they labelled it the spiritual successor to Baldurs Gate and the fact that it was developed by Bioware.

4) Neverwinter Nights 2. Might be a good game but the HORRENDOUS camera made it too frustrating to continue. How that made it through beta is still a mystery to me.

5) Gran Turismo 4. The complete lack of car AI from GT3 was the one thing I thought would be upgraded first with GT4 but it didnt happen. Cars continued to rear end me and drive like I didnt exist even though the original Forza on the Xbox already had an AI that recognized you and made you part of the race.
I loved Oblivion, at least more than Skyrim. I just found it to be so much more... compelling.

That said, I generally don't get disappointed by my purchases, but there are a few.

Neverwinter Nights 2 I found was really boring, especially compared to the first.

Dawn of War 2 Retribution: I heard that the campaign had 6 playable races and stuff, and maybe I'm spoiled by Blizzard campaigns, but I expected that each race would have its own unique campaign. Instead, it's one campaign for all 6 races. And the multiplayer seems to be near non-existant.

Natural Selection 2: There's nothing really wrong with the game itself, but for some reason I'm getting some serious fps spikes (15ish seconds sometimes). It's not fair to judge the game on that, but it really detracts from the experience. And my computer can run Witcher 2, Skyrim, Sleeping Dogs, etc on the max settings, so I'm pretty sure it's not my rig.
1. SimCity 2013.
2. SimCity 2013.
3. SimCity 2013.
4. SimCity 2013.
5. SimCity 2013.
Unreal tournament 3


every cod after the first black ops

Wolfenstein (2009)
1. SimCity 2013.
2. SimCity 2013.
3. SimCity 2013.
4. SimCity 2013.
5. SimCity 2013.

Nailed it. Simcity 2013 is the most disappointing game I've ever bought. I can't even refund it without a huge hassle. This game is currently the lowest User rated game on Metacritic, even lower than Diablo 3. To make D3 look good is an accomplishment in itself.

Other mentionables:

-Modern Warfare 3. It failed because the original dev crew left Activision to make Battlefield 3, hence why MW3 had so little new things to offer.
*What made it bad: Poor map design; overpowered weapons (ACR, MP7) limiting variety; overabundance of killstreaks

-Diablo 3. I got this game for FREE and I still feel like I deserve a refund.
*What made it bad: The infamous always-online DRM; server crashes; practically have to pay to win via micro transactions; repetitive gameplay is known, but gets boring even faster.

-Killzone. Very underwhelming exclusive series, and yet Sony keeps hyping it like it's the next best thing.
*What made it bad: Crappy story; even crappier voice acting; uninspired and bland gameplay. It's like a sucky Halo, and Halo sucks enough as it is.

-Resident Evil 6. I want to play Resident Evil, not whack-a-mole when quicktime events happen.
*What made it bad: Quicktime events; lack of suspense compared to previous series; some goofy acting for a big budget game

SPECIAL MENTION: Aliens: Colonial Marines. The preview beta of this game at E3 was excellent and generated lots of hype for this game. Unfortunately, there were some problems behind-the-scenes at developing it. The devs wanted to create something unique while Sega wanted a Call of Duty clone dressed as Aliens. The results: conflict, layoffs, voluntary termination and of course, a bad game.
#1 Command & Conquer 4 (I do not like this game at all)
#2 Sonic 2006
#3 Popuous DS
#4 End of Nations (for now, it might move off the list)
#5 Spyro a Hero's tail/tale (dumb name)

All severely dissapointing

And I have a high tolerance for video games.
1. Diablo 3, haven't opened it once since 2 weeks after launch
2-5. I never know about games I actually want to play until they come out for some reason, heh.
1. Final Fantasy 14 online
2. Bomberman act zero

Ok anyone who played final fantasy 11 online knew how addictive it was because of its originality and amazing gameplay. It had a way of being incredibley difficult while forcing you to work with other people and yet through it all the game play was fun because when you accomplished something it was a big deal because of the work that it took. Its commmunity was and still is one of the best mmorpg communities to date. So when another one with georgous graphics comes out it should be a must play right? Wrong!!! though the game had beautiful graphics they took everything that allowed a player excel in the world and stripped it away clunky mechanics,the worse crafting system I have every played, game options hidden in a cluster f*** of menu tabs, horrendous maps, terrible macro key setups, no chocobos, and least forgivable no auction house. And you expect me to pay for this garbage, well thanks for screwing over those of us who paid for the collectors edition into this terrible beta that your trying to pass off as a game. The crazy part is I was a fan, my bar was low it didn't have to be amazing but when you take away everything someone loves about the series what do you think is going to happen. So well they are supposedly working on FFXIV a realm reborn and they fired their original director and the new one is supposed to be really good. They are also attempting to relaunch the game as a new game entirely even with a new engine which is something no other MMORPG has done before, will it be successful? Who knows. Will I try it again after getting my heart crushed? Who knows? One thing is for sure bomberman act zero should never be allowed to have the name bomberman in its title, I wept for the loss of a fond n64 character the day my eyes bore witness to that travesty of a game.
Dragon Age: Origins. I wanted to like this game, I really did, but the combat killed it for me, and even eleven hours in, the story just wasn't captivating me. I gave it a fair shot, but it wasn't doing it for me.

Mirror's Edge. God damn, this game has a beautiful atmosphere. Open sky, gorgeous views, wonderful art choices... except the game is a linear free-running game. Linear... free run. Let that sink in for a second.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. I played the original in the Sands of Time series at my cousin's house and loved it, so I don't know why this sequel absolutely sucks. No control over the camera, enemies are stiff, and just... no.

These are just the games I was looking forward to, and then got let down on - this doesn't include the list of games I flat out don't like, which is much longer. Surprisingly, I haven't been let down too often (never played D3, and I wasn't onboard the whole A:CM racket).
1- Black Ops II: I like the FPS genre & CoD has kept me entertained but with BOII, I just felt like there were 10 people going in 10 different directions for the multiplayer aspect.

2- Dragon Age II: The DLCs were amazing, but sweet mother of baby Tassadar, don't reuse the same map locations.

3- Halo 4: I loved the background story, love the Halo single-player, & am a huge fan of the whole "leveling" thing they have, but they capped it at 130 & I hit that fairly quick, so now all I have to wait for is new multiplayer maps. I think this would even register as a disappointment if they would bump up the cap to like 1000 & make it exponentially more difficult to obtain the higher ranks.

4- Assassin's Creed 3: I won't ruin it for anyone but the story absolutely irritated me. The gameplay is amazing but that story......

5- Fable 3: The whole series got progressively worse, & 3 just... I don't even know how to adequately describe my disappointment.

6- HomeFront: I thought the premise of the story was original & in an absolute worst case scenario, slightly plausible.... But once the single player kicks on, it kicks you in the groin.

Love/Hate Relationship: Medal of Honor:Warfighter: As a combat veteran, i bought the version that proceeds from it would go help the Wounded Warriors program, & while I was disappointed with the gameplay, I'm still glad that I could do something for fellow Vets.
I'll rate them from least disappointing to greatest. I know the OP specified 5, but there are really 7 that stand out for me.

7. Space Empires V. Niche game, I doubt anyone posting here knows of it. I had played IV and while it was fun, it had some obvious flaws. V went to some lengths to redress those flaws, but it just didn't come together.

6. Fallout: New Vegas. I've tried half a dozen times to get into it and I just can't. I bet I don't have more than 10 hours into it and I paid full price. It's also the only Fallout game I've played, so maybe the others would be more interesting.

5. Civilization III. I see what they were trying to do, but they didn't succeed. Fortunately, IV and especially V redressed the problems.

4. Homeworld 3. Because it never got made.

3. Freespace 3. Because it never got made.

2. Brood War. Sorry, I don't get all the worship of BW like it was all that great. It wasn't. I detested it, generally for its plot and especially its ending. WoL, however, corrected most of what I thought was wrong with it but that was about a 10 year wait.

1. Mass Effect 3. Dear God. It will always be remembered as that game with that ending. The tone of the ending was a complete break from the tone of the previous games, so much so that I suspect it was tacked on hastily at the end of development. The Extended Cut DLC offered no improvement. Three games and five years of story building, just tossed away in the last 20 minutes.
3. Freespace 3. Because it never got made.

I am feeling you on this one i loved the first 2 so very much and if i had a working copy to this day i would still play through one and two
The Old Republic: KotOR was amazing and KotOR II was salvageable with mods then they announced... a WoW Clone... ya death of my dreams thanks Bioware/EA... I even tried the Free to Play version remembered I hate MMO's for a reason.

Diablo 3: Auction House ruined the game even Blizzard is starting to admit as such. So much promise so much waiting and my first true disipointment with Blizzard Entertainment. I wanted to love it I really did I just couldn't and this is a guy who still remembers the Butcher yelling "FRESH MEAT" the moment you meet him and being scared silly.

Fallout: New Vegas: I thought more Fallout 3 just what I want. Well I played the game and I got more Fallout 3 but something was missing and then I realized it. The Capital Waistland was just better it felt more post Apocalyptic. Don't deserts just ALWAYS look that way... could have made some glass patches all over to at least show the heat... oh wait I forgot the bombs never went off there. So its just a desert... not really Fallout...

It's also the only Fallout game I've played, so maybe the others would be more interesting.

Fallout 3 is much better.

Dragon Age II: Rushed, rushed, rushed. Same dungeon over and over again. Sloppy textures even by Xbox 360 standards, forgettable characters. At least the fighting was faster but sadly less indebthed. Really no replayability. Dragon Age III is shaping up to be much better being made on the Frostbite Engine (runs Battlefields 3 and 4) and they seem to be listening to the fans.

Final Fantasy XIII: I'm not a hater but the game just wasn't as Final Fantasyish as I'd have liked. The world of Gran Pulse was fun and exciting and I did EVERY QUEST but it was too late and the whole game should have been like that (Also not allowing us to actually fight the Stone Titan eating one of the giant creatures... not cool Square, not cool). Could have been much better. Final Fantasy XIII-2 redeams it in someways as they listened to the fans.

Fable 3:
The whole series got progressively worse, & 3 just... I don't even know how to adequately describe my disappointment.

My thoughts exactly. Lost Chapters were so good too...

Infinite Undiscovery: Next gen original game from Square Enix and Tri Ace developers of some of the best JRPG's of all time. What do we get a 35 hour rush job with lip syncing on the English Dub so bad it looks like a Godzilla movie from the 50's... Unpolished battle system that never seems to be more then the same three moves (the same Engine and a modified system is used a year later in Star Ocean: The Last Hope and its MUCH betteR). A bland annoying protagonist that makes Shinji Ikari look like a bloody action hero (the Voice Actor is TERRIBLE I swear HORRIBLE). A story that is just laughably bad and a cast of playable characters that number in the 30's but are so one dimensional that you don't know why they weren't just merged into the standard party of 6-7. Beyond that only about 5 of them are actually useful in batter but the game forces you to use them all at one point in big climatic battles where if one dies its Game Over... oh... also the AI sucks so they die really quickly so you have to grind EVERYONE to near invincible levels so their stupidity wont get them killed... ugh... Disappointment is an understatement.
diablo 3: no replay value

skyrim: boring, highly repetitive, simplistic and very shallow.

red dead redemption: I just can't get into it. I don't want to play it.
#4 End of Nations (for now, it might move off the list)

What put it on your list at all? The delays have been getting aggravating, granted, but the game itself is great. If you decide to point out how it's not actually released yet, then I can point out that they've already had some beta tests, as well as an alpha phase that was running for.........well, for months.
Borderlands, Diablo 3, Skyrim
1. The Force Unleashed 2 - Terrible, terrible story, and too short
2. Command and Conquer 4 - No base building or resource gathering at all?
3. Stronghold 3 - Worse than Stronghold 2
4. The Lord of the Rings: Conquest - Bad execution of a promising idea
5. The Settlers: Rise of an Empire - Child's play, not enough variety
#5 Full Spectrum Warrior - I really hate to put this game on the list because I was always very impressed with this game. It was very challenging, it was initially very fun, and the graphics and movements were so realistic and well-done. I appreciate the developers for taking a slightly more authentic approach to combat. The game-play and environment interaction I think was fairly well done and smooth. The things that ultimately hurt the game though, I think, was that it just had no replayability. This is really a game I hate to put on this list, because I did like it and it had a lot of potential, but in the end I just couldn't play it more than a few days.

#4 Skyrim - I loved (loved!) the game when I first played it. It was amazing. I love the music and environments and story and quest, etc, etc. However, the more I played it, the more I heard recycled dialogue, the more I heard the same emotes/comments from people, and the more I got sick of the gameplay mechanics and UI interaction. The gameplay (combat) really was just not fun at all for me, even from the beginning. The stealth and bow feature initially was really fun, but it got old pretty quick. The music and sound started to sound the same, and one guy I talked to in a town sounded exactly like 3 others in another town; this was especially disappointing in major story-line quests (I would have been fine with it in 'normal' quests, but in epic storylines I would expect original and high quality voice acting). I know a lot of people love this game, but for me it had amazing first impressions but no lasting game-play. The deal breaker for me was when I lost my save file and had to start from the very beginning. I wanted to, but then I decided I'd already experienced everything up to about level 30 (I explored a lot), and didn't want to go over all of that again.

#3 Real War - this is another game that I think had a lot of potential. However, it failed to deliver in every way. It was touted as a realistic military "war" RTS. First of all, its best feature, its gameplay, is the worst of any genre I've ever played, let alone RTS. The controls and mechanics were clunky, the movements and speed of units were not realistic at all, whatsoever. The game overall was just terrible, in my opinion.

#2 Command and Conquer Tiberium Sun - This game further cemented my bias that I would only play Blizzard RTS

#1 I couldn't think of a number 1
Well, I don't know about the "all-time" part, but here's the five games that had me pissed off the most:

1- BioShock

2- Crysis 2

3- XCOM: Enemy Unknown

4- Diablo II/Torchlight II

5- STALKER: Clear Sky

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