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Other day while in 7-Eleven I saw a card with logo on it. Wondering if this is a pre-paid card for the Blizzard Store that you can gift to friends and family. Also if not that, anyone know if Heart of the Swarm's digital download is giftable?

Rather not drive up to GameStop for both (gifting one) games.
Went to the store again and confirmed they do have Balance cards available. Cashier was unsure themselves.

It does work for "Starcraft II" but that is either A) only Wings of Liberty B) both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, but not updated just yet. Could someone clarify Blizzard's stance on this?

I've searched around and found a thread where Aldrexus confirms you can use Balance to purchase Heart of the Swarm, but it does not specify about Balance game cards. Here is the full quote and thread link:

Yes, you're able to pre-purchase the Heart of the Swarm using Balance, but you'll need to make sure the copy of the game you are purchasing is in the same currency as your Balance. In other words, if your Balance is in USD, you'll need to purchase a copy of the game in USD; we are unable to convert your balance into a currency of a different type.

I can now confirm it works.

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