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The Hidden Elite has spawned on and off since the Brood War days. No longer any reachable members but looking to find another close-knit group that is down to grow, practice, and most of all HAVE FUN. Looking for some members to help me set the founding pillars for H3L once again. Starting from scratch again, had a website i cant seem to access so building a new one. Going through all the beginning stages once again. Let's build a solid foundation for H3L and great bonds with other members!


In-Game Channel/Group: Hidden Elite



Gonna be on for a while tonight, if anyone wants to game. Kaiser.871

Bout to pass out but last call for the night. :P
Im down for this, how many players you have?
Ive got some old friends from a clan back in the day that i still game with. but actual H3L members, just me and one other that i was working with last night. Having to rebuild the family and everything so if your on board, you would be one of the founding members! :P Im about to get in-game so hit me up if your interested. :) Would enjoy having you for sure. :)

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On tonight for a while. If anyone is interested msg me ingame! :)

Hope to see you on the battlefield.

Will be on in about 30 min if anyone wants to practice with me.

Bump? O_O on tonight for a while b4 bed. Come practice with me!

Anyone looking to be founding members and join an Elite group? :D check out the forums and sign up and message me when im on tomorrow! :D
Bump for brotherhood!

Alot of the group is on today watching MLG and playing in clan matches! Come join us and get to know us.

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I might be interested, old bw gamer myself looking for a team to hook up with again.

Zerg gamer, Heart of the Swarm exp.

in-game name: desteron

Let me know if this is still available.
Absolutely is! if you havnt already message myself in game or Kaiser and we will welcome you to our team and its members!
Im interested in joining. Will provide more info later if required. :P

IGN: xExilex
Code: #872
Im not on at the moment since Im stuck at work until 10Pm and im EST.
Great to hear Exilex,

I just got home from work. >_< lol realxing and about to eat then get on for a while tonight so just shoot me a message when your on, and we can go from there. :)

Hi I am new to PC gaming and StarCraft that being said obviously I am not very good. Just looking to practice and above all have a good time. I am also interested in joining if you will take me.
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