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Yeah ... not quite sure when I'll get the time though ... between here work and school ...
Post when you have time. I have a lot of school so I don't really have much time usually.
Join! Please, we need people. I think it would be nice to have this as a slow moving RP.
It did for the most part last time. Wonder if morrjo will bring back Noct...
That would be fun. Noct is totally my favorite time-traveling, dimension-hopping sociopath.
If he does...no Sol. That...was excessive. Extremely excessive...
I never found it excessive, just an amusing amoral break from the regular stuff.
Eh, military reminds you that killing isn't all it's cracked up to be.
No kidding. War is hell. Anyone that disagrees aught to try living in a WWI trench for a week. It's just that Noct's antics could be highly amusing at times.
I won't disagree with that.
Anyway.... Good night, I'm brain fried with school in the morning, so I'm off.
Eh, there was one thing that got annoying real quickly... Golden blood literally being splashed around the manor every five seconds and a dead person not dieing.

Anyway... I'll be getting Improved Graal up shortly due to some unforeseen events this morning...
Wait, is it "resurrect an old RP day?"

*evil laughter*
Not exactly, but sorta.
Ready when you guys are.
I'd like to wait for the weekend to start, and more people.
Eh, good thing i have patience.
Yeah ... I still have to finish my char ... which likely won't come till friday ...
See? Patience is a virtue.


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