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I'll probably join this if I can think of a character...
Be glad to have ya.
I'm going to story dump while this is in my head.
"This is a bad idea Abe."

Abe turned to look at his companion. He was a junior in high school and, like Abe, here on a dare from Rick (Rick was the drift ball captain, and undoubtedly the biggest and most popular guy on campus) who had promised them invitations to a after school get together generally reserved for the 'popular' kids. The other boy did not see scared, he was just looking apprehensively at the open iron gates. "Come on Ben, we have come this far already. We can't turn back now. Besides, we need the pictures."

The pictures.

The other half of Rick's dare. Put two stickers (smiley faces with fangs) on different parts of the manor and take pictures of them to prove the two of them actually had gone past the gates. Simplicity itself.

Ben's voice rose in pitch slightly. "But this is Helsing Manor. Home to the best monster hunter in all of Darkova. What do you think he will do to us if we are caught?"

Abe patted his friend's shoulder. "That is exactly why we aren't going to do anything that will get us caught... like standing in front of the gate arguing about it." Abe gave Ben a push towards the gate and walked after him. They both felt a tingling as they passed though the gate and each passed it off as nerves.

The driveway was very well maintained, especially considering that (to the best of their knowledge) the drive was never used by cars. It was said that the current Helsing mistrusted vehicles and used horses unless there was a very long ways to go. Neither was sure about how true that was. Lots more speculation clung to the Helsing Manor than fact.

Some said that Helsing worked with monsters to kill monsters, and might go so far as to claim that he sheltered them under his roof. Others said that Helsing was a monster himself. Others still said that both were true. Only a few believed that he was just human. 'Just humans' didn't hunt big game (as Helsing was famous for doing) and live for more than a few months. A lone human hunter might hope to save a town from a lone Vampire or crazed werewolf, and a group of ten miiiiiight even consider attacking a Vampire coven.

One of the stories had Helsing fighting two covens at once with only a sword and a silver spoon as weapons. Another version held that he had only used the spoon.

Still another held that he had been bitten by a Demon, and after five days of excruciating pain...
The Demon died.

Abe's personal favorite was the story where an Imp had tried to offer Helsing a wish in exchange for a five minute head start. Helsing had accepted and wished the Imp to remain still for six minutes. It was said that the Imp spat profanities at Helsing for five minutes and one second before Helsing cut off its head.

@Zarkun: There you have your Helsing myths (and maybe even some true stories)

Ben's voice cut sharply through Abe's thoughts. "Get your head out of the clouds man! We are at the statue. Give me one of the stickers."

The statue.

It was a stone Angel on a pedestal that divided the manor's drive into two pieces. Its great wings extended outward and forward, as though providing a shelter to whatever might be beneath them. The Angel had its head bowed as if in prayer, its face covered by a visor with no holes for eyes or mouth. The pommel of a sword was covered by the Angel's folded hands and the tip of the blade touched the pedestal, holding down what appeared to be a... skull? Kind of... it looked human enough, except for the two horns, curved slightly upward, protruding from the temples. The Angel's stone blade had penetrated the top of the skull and the very tip of the blade touched the stone of the pedestal. The bone of the skull looked as though it had been bleached past whiteness, and the bone around the stone blade looked like it would fall apart like ash if poked.

Ben had already jumped onto the pedestal and was holding a hand out for the sticker. Abe, not quite ready to dismiss the skull pointed and asked: "What is that?"

Ben looked down for a few moments, his eyes searching for a moment... then a moment more before widening suddenly. "How did I not see that?! I was looking at it for at least ten seconds before I saw anything... You don't think it might actually be..."

Abe finished the thought. "A Demon skull? A reason to hurry up and get out of here? Take the sticker. I'll turn the camera on." Ben nodded and took the sticker. Abe reached into his pocket and took out the camera. Just before he pressed the power button Ben let out a yelp and fell backwards off the pedestal. He was shaking one hand violently and something on that hand was on fire. The sticker. Ben managed to shake the burning paper and adhesive off his hand before he got burnt, and they watched what remained of the sticker turn to ash on the ground.

Ben's voice was squeaky with fear now. "I... I... I tried to put the sticker on its helmet and it caught fire."

"Abraham Longstride. Benjamin Clearwater."

The voice was powerful and seemed to come from everywhere at once. The boys clutched at each other like a couple of frightened children. Truth be told, that is what they were.

"You should not be here. Abraham Longstride. Your line is strong... but you are not yet ready to begin to hunt. Return only when you have found the will to hunt. Benjamin Clearwater. Your path does not lie in the hunt... but it does travel a close parallel. When you have discovered your reason, you may choose to speak to the man with the cane of bone. Both of you be warned. This is a choice given to you, and you alone. This is not required of you. Such is the nature of free will."

The boys no longer clutched one another, but still stared at the statue of the Angel.

"Now leave, or your parents will be informed of your doings this day."

A figure watched out a window on the second story of the manor as the two boys ran. They looked as though they were chased by an angry bear. The figure smiled to himself and let the curtain fall over the window, and all was once again still at the Helsing Manor.

I worked well past midnight working on that, and when I finally hit submit, the site was undergoing maintenance.

Thank goodness for Ctrl+C
Not gonna lie, I like the bit about the spoon. Very enjoyable and well written. Glad to have you part of this again.
The great Zanon strikes again! *cheers*

Also, would Noctalus be making another appearance? I've retrofitted him nearly completely...
War and I were just talking about Noct the other day. He's certainly welcome.
03/03/2013 10:16 PMPosted by Warhawk
It's just that Noct's antics could be highly amusing at times.


I tried to make something at least... relieving out of poor Solaris. Others are more than welcome to abuse him as they see fit.

As for abilities and stats, I'd like to ask to obscure one from each. Its not that I'd like to keep them hidden, but I have something of epic proportions for each planned. *broods and plots*

Never enough plans...
Well...I'll have to think on that, but I suppose...and Stats aren't needed this time.
YAY MORRJO IS BACK! :D now we can really get this going :D
Looks like we've got a good crowd now, just need more char sheets...
So now we wait...again.
Skade M'keth
200 + a little
Silver-spiked mace, Crossbow that fires silver tipped wooden stakes (He's not much on weapon-naming.), claymore. Whereas the mace is disposable (he's been through a dozen for sure), the claymore is older and apparently has developed a taste for Vampires in particular.
Shadow Walk: Skade cloaks for several seconds. His movement speed and agility increase massively. Dealing damage causes him to exit Shadow Walk, but all attacks are exponentially amplified. {ACTIVE}
Snipe: Skade concentrates carefully, infuses psionic energy into his quarrel, and fires a precise shot at the enemy's vitals for excellent damage. {ACTIVE}
Dark Fury: As Skade takes damage, his attack power increases and the duration and effects of Shadow Walk are enhanced. His judgement decreases as the effect increases. {PASSIVE}
Skade was the M'keth clan's monster hunter for many years, even before their banishment from Earth. A combination of bites and some nasty curses made him bestial and apparently immortal. He is still a master hunter, and is very cunning and skilled at finding his prey. However, he no longer is capable of doing much besides eat, drink, sleep, and hunt without someone to give him orders, which is why the clan now has the position of Skade's Handler.
Doesn't look aged. Is very tall, almost seven feet, and extremely muscular. His once fiery red hair has turned black in places, and his skin is greyish. He has a perpetual grin fixed on his face no matter the situation. His eyes are dark green. He is ridiculously scarred. He wears what appears to be an assortment of leather rags. It's actually what's left of a tunic and kilt.

Jenny M'keth
Pistol (with silver bullets, naturally), old sabre that has been in the family for years. It is a silver/steel alloy, and effective against monsters and men alike. It has showed no signs of rusting, so it's likely somebody blessed it at some point. Its name is simply "Whip."
Handler's Voice: Jenny can calm sooth Skade's Fury and keep him from killing his allies.
Handler's Mind: Jenny can communicate with Skade anywhere, anytime, without the communications being intercepted.
Handler's Presence: If Jenny is damaged, it increases Skade's Dark Fury as if he had suffered twice that damage.
Jenny has been Skade's Handler for two years now. She has learned a great deal about monster hunting from him, but prefers to stay out of the fighting. Still, as Skade says, "th' pretty wee thing doesnae look like muich, but the lassie's the divvil 'imself wi' tha' saird."
She is about 5'6" tall, has fiery red hair (a M'keth standard), and brown eyes. She is slender, but strong enough to wield her sword effectively, though it's hardly a heavy blade. Her skin is very white. Her accent is not nearly as strong as Skade's - he's still holding onto the M'keth accent of two centuries ago.
I see they're going to be Scottish. Should be fun. Looks good, KO.
Name: Helen Mytycana
Age: 25
Weapons: Twin .44 magnums with interchangeable ammo, .50 Cal Gunblade(http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/raptureruin/items/gunblade1) that fires HP AP rounds, the gunblade itself is made of an Adamantium/Vibranium compound (Similar to that of Captain America's Shield), large 'Spartan-style' Round shield of the same compound, Shurimakto
Abilities: Master Smith(Passive possibly with active components), Marksman(Passive), Brutal Striker(Active)
Backstory: Her family dates back to before Darkova was settled and they came in one of the early waves of settlers. The Mytycana family are master smiths and monster hunters. Jacqueline has trained in both since about 5 years of age. Alistair came to her home seeking a hunter from the Mytycana family. Her parents were too old to help and her two brothers (Twins) didn't want to hunt which left Helen. She agreed and set out for Helsing manor with her twin magnums and gunblade/shield combo.
Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, 5'10", Well toned Athletic build, upper body looks a bit like a body builder from being a blacksmith, usually wears jeans and T-shirt, wears leather and mail armor in battle, Family crest tattooed over left shoulder blade (http://silentnight4k.deviantart.com/art/mark-of-Erini-341787689), wears a necklace related to the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt Artemis (http://darla-illara.deviantart.com/art/Artemis-charm-156162346)

Shurimakto (Shuri): An ancient sword that dates to before Humans even left Earth. The sword has survived undamaged for so long because it is made of Adamantium and has an ancient Kyuubi demon bound to it. The Kyuubi has long since been 'domesticated' and is extremely loyal to whoever of the Mytycana family wields the blade. From time to time when allowed Shuri, the blade was named after her, will mostly separate herself from the blade and take her original form (large 3-tailed arctic fox) or a humanoid form (Human female that appears to be about 20 but with fox ears, 3 tails, and silver hair). If Shuri touches the sword she is drawn into it and thus can never wield it. Shuri can only go about a half mile away from the sword before feeling extreme pain and a very powerful urge to return to it. If Shuri remains outside the half mile radius for more than 15 minutes the magic that binds her to the blade will forcibly return her to her 'home' inside the blade. Shuri can share her power with others but that ability is usually left unutilized.
03/06/2013 08:46 AMPosted by Zarkun
Should be fun

Maybe. Then again, everyone might tire of having to deal with my terribly transcribed Scottish accent.

I swear, I am a master of mimicry IRL.
Name: Nasu Tatsumi
Age: 20
Weapons: Guantlets of Phrozen Flame: an ancient artefact discovered in a tomb when he was 18 these gauntlets light up with blue "paradox" flame that is hot and cold at the same time
it is blessed with:
the fist of a man with something on his shoulders: makes Nasu's punches more lethal to the point of knocking weak enemy's heads right off their shoulders
Battle hardened (passive): Can take more punishment than other slayers
Undying will (passive): has a strong resolve and as long as he has the strength to stand will never give up
Zebul Emblem: puts a spell target on a unit and the more the enemy is hit the more explosive magic is built up in him to the point of when the user requires it to activate that potential in one punch.
Backstory: Nasu is one of those young fighters who has a good amount of potential. a medium build with nothing out of the regular about him. But on slaying he is known as the "underworld fighter" with his high resilience and willpower. he came from a very weak line of slayers that weren't always in the spotlight and are usually undermined. This leads to many brawls with high end hunters ending in victory proving his strength
Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, medium body build (looks average), wears a leather jacket, and jeans.
I think Skade is going to have a great deal of fun with this man.
Eh, we'll see. I don't think it'll be that bad.
Lotsa new characters...this will be fun...:D

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