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03/06/2013 02:14 PMPosted by KnarledOne
I think Skade is going to have a great deal of fun with this man.

like rivalry fun?
Name- Kain Von Blackstock
Melee- Black steel Katanna- The BSK has always been in the blackstock's family dating back hundreds of years. The blade seems to repair itself even when thought to have been fully destoried. The blade seems to want to find it master even when lost it will be found later by its owner.
Ranged- Throwing knives- Kain has always distrusted newer weapons perfering to be close to the combat but when he can't he throws one of his trusty Knives. He has made sure to carve a seal of Anubis in each knife
Phantom eye- Kain can see invisible enemies during combat and able to see when people are lying or hidding things outside of combat [Passive]
The Black Flame- Kain summons a pillar of black flames from the floor burning enemies to death in seconds[ Active]
Herbalist- Kain understands how all plants can effect a person or monster he also has knowledge of how to find them or grow them himself [Passive]
Backstory (sorry I love making lores so this maybe long) The Blackstock family fled to Darkova after being chased from their ancestal home for crimes of black magic and witchcraft. Three generations have been raised in Darkova with Kain being the third. At the age of 15 Kain witness his whole family killing as a Vampire clan attack their farm house. After the attack Kain went to the grave yard of his family and dug out his family's sword only known as the Black Steel Blade (Its a Katanna but still they called it a blade). As he finished digging the blade up a Monster Hunter made a deal with him to Train Kain and give him the power to kill the undead that had killed his family. Kain Accepted and started to hunt the undead and anything else that stood in his way. After 22 years Kain meet Alistair at a bar who offered Kain work and a place to stay again he accpeted.
Appearance- Kain has long black wavy hair he wears a dark cow leather duster. He has a eye patch over his right eye. his other eye is a almost black brown. For the rest look up victorain time clothing. He also wears a black missionary long brim hat with a black raven feather in it.
...Looks good Steel, just...get rid of the stats.
Let's see, we've got 8 char's now, not including Alistair. Looks like a good group.

... I just noticed, a lot (relatively speaking) of char's have had their families killed by monsters... Damn stereotypes.
Now that I'm reading, I'm going to have to say get rid of the Demon thing too. It...sorta defeats the whole lineage thing.
What? Are you talking about Seraphim's blade?
No, Steel's backstory. Read it.
I have to agree, unless there's an actual demon bound within/to the blade itself.
03/06/2013 03:42 PMPosted by darkra
like rivalry fun?

Like "merciless tweaking" fun.

Ever since Draconus went AWOL I don't have an official victim for merciless tweaking, so I'll probably divide it between you and Zarkun.
Ok its fixed.
03/07/2013 04:21 AMPosted by KnarledOne
Draconus went AWOL

Not AWOL, banned until HotS. Apparently he violated the terms of service somehow.
Like "merciless tweaking" fun.

Ever since Draconus went AWOL I don't have an official victim for merciless tweaking, so I'll probably divide it between you and Zarkun.

i will punch you..... hard XD
8 characters not including Alistair? This is gonna turn out fun...and become a nuclear edit war.

EDIT: Explained my abilities in my character sheet

BTW, Zarkun, I made a couple small edits to Seraphim's sheet. (adjusted age and a minor tweak to his backstory)
Morrjo and Zanon, I require character sheets.
Name: Borealis Natuur
Age: 23

An axe named Aarde (Appearance: http://unkn0wnfear.deviantart.com/art/Radion-Axe-106097641) and draws on Borealis's power to be activated and inflicts poison upon the opponent stricken.
A rifle called Nagel (Appearance: http://seargent-demolisher.deviantart.com/art/Gauss-Rifle-Crysis-2-253482731 except green instead of blue) that fires spikes.

Bear Form: Borealis morphs into a large Cave Bear to combat.
Entangle: Plant life springs out around and starts to entangle opponents.
Healing: Borealis heals himself and nearby allies.

Backstory: The Natuur family always had fought the supernatural things of the universe. They saw them as a plague trying to destroy the nature of the world. Soon they were sent to the Korprulu because they rioted and complained about the nature of the world being destroyed. When they arrived they created a new life, and still fought beasts off. Borealis is now the youngest of them, and is still learning the powers of nature, currently only harvesting the ability to morph his form to the great agility of a Dire Wolf and to command the life around him to entangle his enemies, and finally to heal himself and those around him. His family was contacted by Alistair and they chose to send Borealis. The Natuur are known by Tobi from a time when they fought in the forests of Darkova with many beasts. Borealis has never had anything bad happen to him.

Appearance: A dark tanned appearance with green tattoos curling around his face and arm like vines as well as tattoos of animals upon his arms and chest. He is heavily muscled and has long ragged black hair. He also has a wild black beard hanging down to his neck's base.

Name: Lalrye Ker
Age: 29

Flanged Mace named Schepper (Appearance: http://heidifury.deviantart.com/art/RPS-Flanged-Mace-169631900) that he uses to focus his power and to smash peoples heads in.
A knife named Volbloed (Appearance: http://greendruid.deviantart.com/art/Dagger-19143445) that can sap the strength of enemies and is also used in all of his blood rituals.
An energy pistol named Zetgroep (Appearance: http://great-5.deviantart.com/art/I4-B35-Heavy-Energy-Pistol-310089754) and depending on the infusion in effect, different effects for impact.

Summon Familiar: Summon a spirit from an ethereal world to fight for you and defend for you. Two can be active at a time.
Summon Essence(Weaker Elemental): Summon an essence of one of four elements, fire, ice, air, and earth, One can be active at a time.
Infusion: Infuse the power of one of the four elements into yourself to gain unique properties.

Backstory: The Ker have always had an adept ability in some sort of ability that appeared to be magic. The most recent generations affinity seems to be summoning. They were sent to the Korprulu after going against the government. Lalrye is the eldest of the summoners and was given a notice from Alistair about the chance to join the hunt and accepted. The Kers are known by Tobi from a fight with a legion of werewolves and defeating them. Lalrye is greatly scarred from all the blood rituals he has performed.

Appearance: A sickly white appearance and brown eyes. He has scars all across his hands and arm. He has a fair amount of muscle mass. He is often in black robes with a blue trimming. His hair is brown and runs down to his shoulders. He lacks a beard.

Name: Mercedes Lya
Age: 20

Dual wielded repeater crossbows named Warboel and Recht (Appearance: http://ilpas.deviantart.com/art/Van-Helsing-cosplay-Crossbow-347221888 Completely of metal and both are black) they have nano-factories within producing bolts.
Dual wielded daggers that lack names. They are made of silver/steel composite material. (Appearance: http://hronnos.deviantart.com/art/Dagger-148013753)

Beast Bane: The huntresses have always been more effective against beast-type monsters than others and beast-type monsters fall easier. Such include Werewolves, Vampires, normal animals, Druids, etc. This effect is passive.
Vengeance: Mercedes has a burning hatred of demons, Her hatred has made her effectiveness against demons even greater. This effect is passive.
Huntress Vision: Her bloodline of the huntresses has allowed her to see in the dark well and identify monsters, even in a disguise. This effect is passive.

Backstory: The Lya family is a family of the Huntresses. They have fought many battles with their quick speed and powerful blows, as well as their stealth. Mercedes' mother and father were both murdered by Demon's, her survival was just because she was sent away on a training trip with other huntresses. When she returned and heard of the news she gained a hatred so great that her ferocity against demons was greater.The Huntresses were well known for bringing a clan of vampires and a pack of werewolves into war, then eliminating them. Mercedes was chosen because the other huntresses thought it would be a good proving.

Appearance: Her skin is light, but not tanned, or pale, just in between. Her eyes are strangely coloured orange. She has long hair put into a ponytail and enough muscle mass to defend herself.
3 Characters? Wow. Hope you can manage all of them.
Controlling more than one character is actually fairly easy if you can keep their stories separate in your head. The hard part is making the READERS understand 1. That there are three people, and 2. Making it clear who is talking/giving the narration at that moment.

MockingJay had a tiny bit of an issue with #2 during Jay the Ghost because she would do a lot of the character's thoughts without naming the character to the audience. As a result I (personally, can't speak for anyone else) would assume it was the person she spoke about in the last chapter. Then she would give their name four paragraphs in and I would go "Wait, what?" And have to reread the section. (It made more sense now that I knew who was speaking.)

To solve this problem she simply would start a passage with ///Jay/// or ///Shadow/// to clearly state who was the narrator.
Or you could write in 3rd person.
03/08/2013 04:50 PMPosted by smylez
Or you could write in 3rd person.

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