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Even then it is easy to type 'He' or 'She' instead of a name. Granted that happens less often, but if Zarkun's RP runs true to form you will have plenty of time to make a confusing post.
Zanon I respect you but to quote Zarkun 'POST YOUR DAMN CHARACTER SHEET!!!!!!' some paraphrasing has occured
Tis' not a long list.

Archangel Altun
Armament: Archangel's Blade, Angelic Armor
Abilities: Holy Light (Passive), Smite
On behalf of Zarkun 'Thank you' ... now we just need morrjo's sheet.
*screams* WORKING ON IT!

Three characters, but two people. Got the weapons and the abilities done, writing up the back stories and important notes as we speak.
Reworking of a monsieur Graal.

Name: Graal
Age: 18
Weapons: Trench Knife, Marksmen Rifle, 8-Revolver
Abilities: Marksmen (Active), Bloodtaker (Passive/Active), SilverWolf Survivor (Active).
Backstory: Was abandoned on the streets of Korhal when he was younger. Either that or something killed Graal's parents, he never knew what the probability of the outcome was. But the details weren't important to him at this point... Survival was a must in a life of conflict and death, for you only live if you truly wanted too. He was taken in by a gang called the Silver Wolves... They were like a pack and a pack means family to some while living to others... To him it was both. It was when he turned eighteen when things became escalated. They were in a warehouse securing a Dominion Supply Shipment for themselves when a Silver Wolf attacked... The irony. But it wasn't normal, it fed off of the dead and living. Killing anything in it's sight, almost as if it was rabid but majestic. Graal was the only one left alive at the end of the night, his leg bleeding profusely as the beast crept up to him, using his free arm he shot a cable above the best, bringing down a crate full of armor and ammunition atop the creature and crushing it completely. He blacked out; waking up to see his wound healed... How? A month later he was in an abandoned apartment complex after the Silver Wolves were wiped clean of the planet, if the Dominion didn't kill them... Some creature like that one he fought, did. A man met him... Alistair he believed his name was, asked him to come with him...
Appearance: Short brown cropped hair with hazel eyes, a few scars on his face from the beast that he fought and killed. A Silver Wolf Pack tattooed on his shoulders. A soul patch on his chin and he wears a Duster Coat with a black shirt underneath. Rolling his sleeves up on his duster as it's a habit. Wears fingerless gloves to help offer grip.

SideNotes: The Marksmen Rifle can be single shot, burst fire, or full auto. And it's the Sword/Knife that's blessed. 8-Revolver means 8 shot. Graal doesn't remember his last name... He doesn't even remember a family.
Marksmen allows him to fire faster while increasing accuracy.
Bloodtaker allows him to be more resilient to damage while increasing his reflexes when he begins to lose quantities of blood or taking the life of many during a fight.
SilverWolf Survivor is an interesting ability in my view... It allows him to survive in an otherwise impossible situation. It was during a fight with a Silver Wolf... Yes yes, the irony involved with it since he was part of a gang of people called the Silver Wolves. Irony a bit? Yep. Anyway, it increases his regenerative process and a huge pump of adrenaline when near death due to some weird energy that he grasped to control. It involves his parents and then their parents legacy... If only he knew them.

Zarkun, you can give him his Family Weapon... And I know for a fact that it will be different this time. Plus the backstory will be slightly similar when it comes to the being abandoned and I might do something special with him... No Balancer though, that got crazy real quick.
Apologies for ze wall of text.

Damn data vamps ate my post THREE TIMES!!!

Name: Noct (Noctalus Dare)
Age: Unknown, appears to be roughly nineteen years of age.
Weapons: Night's Edge (Melee, Morphic), Entropy Shock (Ranged, DOT, Stacking)
Abilities: Shardmancy (Passive and Active), Wanderer of The Ways (Passive), Overclock (Active), M************ ** F****: R******** R****** (Active, Ultimate)

Backstory: A wanderer of the planes of existence he refers to as The Ways, Noct is known to hop from world to world, seeking entertainment and work to quench his boredom. Being privy to knowing the original Helsings, he frequents Darkova due to its odd habit of attracting strange beings, and thus by proxy: Entertainment. Perhaps it was by contrived luck that he noticed the gathering of hunters once again...
Appearance: Hits roughly six feet, and generally dresses in dark clothes that don't really stick out. With faintly blue eyes and black hair, he has more of a runner's build than sheer strength. Is pale, but doesn't qualify for sickly. He seems to exude a simple aura of 'Wrong-ness'.


The Night's Edge is capable of changing shape if allowed, though the process takes time and energy. If it is not in its innate form, a Scythe, Noct cannot cut portals into The Ways.

Entropy Shock is similar in action to that of a flamethrower, except spraying sickly teal energy. It does very, very low damage per stack, but stacks infinitely. What makes it scary is that each applied stack refreshes the previous. Longer ranges require higher pressure but lower throughput, leading to a higher pressure stream of energy at the expense of rate of stacking, or range at the cost of damage per second. The stream deals no physical damage.

Shards act as an energy buffer, purer forms of energy to be applied to abilities. Out of combat and at rest, he can only manage to summon up two, or one really, due to the fact he requires at least one to simply exist. He needs to be exerting himself to a great degree in order to summon up three, take some level of damage to create a fourth, and be fatally or near-fatally wounded to summon up five.

Both Solaris's Ultimate and Noct's are only going to be used in very, very few situations. Both are incredibly expensive on each's energy reserves, and come at heavy costs to each. Don't expect to see them unless there's an emergency.

Overclock is, for all intents, the same as it was in the original Darkest Heart. However, it deals no degree of damage to Noct afterward, and allows him to hit his maximum number of shards with little effort. Now, it appears to corrupt him into a rather unwelcome, malevolent entity...

Name: Solaris
Age: Unknown, appears roughly nineteen years of age
Weapons: Duskfade Blade (Melee), Tesseract Bombs (Ranged, Explosive AOE)
Abilities: Duality Existience(Passive), Tesseracts(Passive and Active), Hyperways (Active), F******** P*******: I********* D***** (Active, Ultimate)

Backstory: Noct's foil in life and unwanted companion on his travels, Solaris sticks around his 'brother' to get entertainment, and to shamelessly troll him. Being rather difficult to shake, he followed Noct to Darkova.
Appearance: He appears similar in structure to Noct, but has blond hair, and strikingly bright golden eyes. He also seems to exude a similar aura to Noct, but is something that feels more 'Correct'...

Notes: Being an existence similar to Noct, he does not require shards, but Tesseracts. He is not influenced by physical condition into the number he can summon, and uses them directly to attack in the form of bombs.

He can 'Blink' to places, and leaves a sort of invisible path behind him when he does. Others can follow these paths and arrive at the same destination nearly instantaneously.

As long as Noct is alive, Solaris's existence cannot be erased. If killed, he will resurrect. Though, he can choose the timing to some degree.

Name: The Unchained
Age: 514, if Noct is to be believed.
Weapons: Brute Strength (Melee, ranged if nearby objects are used)
Abilities: Mad Enhancement(Passive), Multicomponent Existence (Passive), Fate-Hardened Armor (Passive)

Backstory: Not much is known about the unchained. Bugging either Noct or Solaris will earn a few sharp glances, and a swift change in topic. All that is known is that Noct changes after using an Overclock, and most definitely not for the best...


The Unchained is neither Noct nor Solaris, and appears to be quite Mad, or Insane.

When brought forth, Noct no longer has any control. This form is incredibly strong, resilient, and hellishly difficult to deal with. Fate-Hardened armor reduces special effects dealt to it, and eliminates most direct-affect abilities. Divinity level (or blessed) weapons are required simply to damage it through its armor.

03/09/2013 08:53 AMPosted by morrjo
M************ ** F****: R******** R****** (Active, Ultimate)

This is going to kill you, but for all intents and purposes, you need to give me a name.
Alright, that's good to know.

Edit-Bad guys of any kind aren't added XD
The Unchained? Technically, it's not a bad guy. Noct just loses it for a bit, and is hostile to everyone. Not just the hunters. With a bit of applied intelligence, The Unchained could be turned towards the enemy and make one hell of a smart bomb. Its not a completely different character...

...You did see a brief flash of it during the first DH...
I'm aware, but it technically counts as a bit of a bad guy. However, neutral don't get added either.
Well, it still is Noct, just berserk. It barely qualifies as a second character at all, to be honest.
Still not quite needed on the character sheet.
Name: Vezlo Kearli
Age: 19
Appearance: His right arm is an odd sight. The skin itself seems to be darkening at the shoulder, with one long jagged spike coming out of it and going off and away from his head. At his elbow another jagged spike comes out there, not as long as the shoulder one however. On the bottom of his forearm there are another three spikes, not too long, but jagged and slightly fin-like in the aspect of them being sharped on their fronts. His fingers end in sharp claws, and slight spikes come out at his knuckles. All along his arm there are glowing orange lines, as well as on both sides of his hand. The right arm is also thicker than a human arm, and is also more durable, the skin behaving much like armor. His other arm however, is completely normal. His hair is a white, and decorated into a spiky pattern. His irises are the same orange as that on his arm. His skin, with exception of his right arm, is pale white. He usually wears a neo-steel chest plate over a leather vest and a neo-steel bracer on his left arm. He wears a Pauldron of neo-steel upon his left shoulder as well, the side facing away from the body goes as far down as the bicep. It has folds so he still has full mobility of his arm. It holds three small thorns on the top of it. He wears greaves upon leather pants. All of his armor is of black and is enhanced supernaturally.

Weapons: Demonic Arm
Demon-Fire: Vezlo summons a powerful flame around his demonic arm. He can choose to either launch it or use it to enhance his attacking capability. Both have the chance to leave the stricken opponent(s) burning.
Plague of Taint: Summoning the devilries of illness, Vezlo strikes his opponent with a plague, dealing great damage overtime if they are biological, and a good amount to mechanical. If a biological opponent dies during the effects of the plague, or from them, they will turn into a Tainted One, becoming a servant of Vezlo.
Shadow Phase: Using the supernatural abilities of the darkness, Vezlo turns himself or another invisible. If they attack while in this state, they will deal a large amount of damage due to the shadow energies they are cloaked in, but they will lose their invisibility.
Backstory: He remembers nothing from before the taint of the demon. That was four years ago. He awoke in the middle of a field flames all around him. He lifted his arms to his head and felt the roughness and the claws of it. He looked at the demonic arm in surprise. He had bested the taint of the demon that had come to his world, but he was not unscathed. Everyone else was either dead or completely under its taint. He stood up and was attacked by those tainted by the demon. He fought them off, discovering his ability to summon Demon-Fire. He cut down those who assaulted him, and melted them afterwards. With haste he gathered as much food and water as he could from the nearest settlement and loaded it into a civilian transport. He also gathered all the fuel he could, as the transport would need it.

For two years he was flying the ship in space, rationing the supplies he had gathered as much as he could, eating all of the non-canned foods first. He kept training and honing his abilities. Nearing the end of the two years the ship had used at least half of its fuel supply, and the foods was almost completely gone. This pushed Vezlo to learn more. By the two years he had learned how to have his arm to appear mechanical to humans. He entered towns after becoming capable of this ability. Using credits he managed to have brought from his home he purchased more food and water, and a bit more fuel. He knew it would not last him, so he turned to mercenary work.

Taking mainly bounty hunting jobs, he saw much. And he saw the supernatural where others didn’t. A wolf ran through the forest, and he saw what it truly was, noticing its qualities that wolves don’t possess, he saw it was a werewolf when others saw it as a mere wolf. Over the time he learned how to take minor control of the darkness, giving him the ability to cloak him and others in it. He had learned this in one of his bounty hunting jobs, to take down a pirate crew holed up in an old Confederate base, and cause it to explode to make sure it was done. He had been trying to cover his tracks, and leave no signs of him being there, and when he surely should have been seen, none saw him. He had cloaked himself in the shadows.

He had conducted his first hunt on the supernatural on Darkova at the age of eighteen. He was hunting the vampires that menaced a small town. He had been ambushed by these vampires when he unleashed the power of illness. He struck a vampire and it died an orange and green mist about it. Spikes and tentacles busted out of its body. It rose and attacked the other vampires. The next year, after fighting several more groups like these, and even a few renegade werewolves, Vezlo was contacted by an odd man who bared a message. ‘You may not be of a family of hunters, but you show their prowess. Go to the Helsing Manor. Join their hunt.’ The man had not given a name, and simply walked away after giving Vezlo the slip of paper.

Note: This man was not Alistair.
Is the roleplay still open for a joiner?
It is, Cap. Sorry for the late reply. Didn't see this til just now.
Name: Catharn Lovecraft (Someone called for a lineage of monster hunters.)
Age: 19
Zwei: A two-handed sword, family heirloom. The heat of one who is touched by the blade is slowly leached out. (Not Lethal, just creepy to touch.)
7-Shot: A specially modified 7-shot steel revolver. Last shot is actually a split bullet, releasing a fine spray of flour. (Yes, it sounds silly, but it's escape/reload time for me.)
(I apologize for the name of this Ability, I do not mean to insult anyone. But hey, makes it seem pretty cool.)
Schizophrenia: As Catharn starts to combat, he can split up to seven times. Every time he does, he loses focus and dexterity, but gains another body to battle with. (Active, Passive once activated)
Multi-track: Catharn learns quickly on his feet, and can asses a situation with multiple perspectives and multiple approaches as quickly as another may asses one approach and perspective.

Backstory: As a child, Catharn always used to tell long, tainted stories. They would frighten off children in his school, later even driving one to try to kill him. The child died by his own shot, the gun being held against his head by some unknown force. Catharn then ran for his life, into the woods. Learning on his own for a long time, eventually even encountering the thing that killed the child. It was simply a man, one who could not save himself from another. Catharn watched, eventually leaving the scene, the man dead. A messenger came the last day, into the simple den he lived in. After the situation was explained, Catharn haltingly said yes, not having to speak until recently.

Appearance: White hair, blue eyes. Hair tends to be straight, but can occasionally curl up. Lean build, long legs and fingers, medium arms. Face and ears always seem to twitch, and there seems to be a permanent breeze behind him. The wind is actually just an uncontrolled manifestation of psionic power, occasionally stirring up dust motes in the shape of a humanoid.
OOC: BTW, don't worry about late reply. I don't care unless you don't reply in like, a day. Even then, I may just quote it to bring it up to speed.
Right, well, there's one minor issue, that being your self nerf on schizophrenia. So long as it isn't severe, you're fine. Other than that, you're good.
It's self control, and doing things like flipping Zwei around over his hands will become harder.

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