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Hi, i just need some help with some things:

1) i recently wanted to turn off the voice alerts when my teammates is getting attacked but i cant find this anywhere! since i play 4v4s alot that always goes off and its kinda getting annoying...

2) anyone know how to use that "enable players near you" function? i dont know how to find players near me.

any help is good! thanks!
bump, can anyone help please?
I'm not sure if you can turn those alerts off alone =\.

As far as the people near you function, here is a quote from TheSkunk last month.

"It only appears when there is someone near you. If you can't see it, that means nobody is online near you.

It shows just below the channel\group\broadcasts\new section.

It should be noted, this is for people who are connected to the same local network as you. Its not going to show everyone who lives in your state or on your street."
ahh thank you!

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