Blizzard Has Stolen From It's Customers!

Blizzard Has Stolen From It's Customers!
Still no response Why blizzard has deleted / merged 2 sc2 account's into one account they have taken away a perfectly good copy of a game and destroyed it with knowledge of what they have done and simply instructing all the customer support agents to simply refuse to do anything except tell people to write on the forum's so this is what I'm doing I am also putting this everywhere else not just on these forums.
Here is a link to my original post
For everyone that is supporting this thank you!

Edit: I thought i might just add in this topic as well this guy got his other account back yet other's like my self are still trying :/
Wait, other people had to buy their second account. Australians were given a second account for FREE because of the community being so small.

We still only paid for one account?

Edit: nevermind, you purchased another EU account.

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