[IGE] Imperium Gaming Empire is Recruiting.

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Definitely a great group of guys!!
Don't you guys have ROOTCatz?!?!?
Team is awesome!!! + Big cojones
Yes under another name :P
IGE has been the most involved and communicative clan I have ever been apart of. The members are willing to work with each other to give feedback about games and there are always willing practice partners. And while everyone is very organized and together, namely our leaders, ieattrollz and authority, they are still very relaxed and understanding when life happens.
As an ex and hopefully someday returning member, these guys are a great bunch and really care about the community and building it for the right reasons!

If you're on the fence about joining a gaming community give these guys a shot and you won't be disappointed!
Isn't Cubanmissle on this team?
IGE home of the pros, love everyone in IGE great people and always someone to play with.
Just applied on the website. Hope to hear from you guys soon, really looking for a group of players to game with.
I've been on IGE for awhile now and it's by far been one of my best experiences in a clan.

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