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Strongly agree with Pursuit...I recently joined, and we're already setting up practice/training today. Everything is organized in this clan, and everyone welcomes you. Which would be a great experience for any incoming player wanting to join.
Fun helpful clan. Plenty of master players and a grandmaster to help you out. They helped me get to masters!
What happens when iEatTrollz gets trolled:


Oh hey look it's IGE! I have Much love for you guys : )
Haha, sorry about that, Skorchy. I remember that night and it was a rough one. He was just coming off being cheesed like 3 games in a row and you guys cheesed him again.

Ladder frustration is out there for everyone, and unfortunately we're no different. You guys seemed to give it back in kind, so I don't think we hurt your feelings too much. :) Overall we're a clan of fun and good sportsmanship, even if your vod shows a different side.

No hard feelings, man.
TBH I think its a good promo video. Showing that you can beat a holes like me. I did get a pretty good cannon rush you must admit aaaaaand we did it because you guys looked legit. You can spin it more as a "were so scary people cheese us" sort of thing. All in good fun. As you can tell in the video we were all having fun with it. No real BM intended.
On a total side note you guys did well and I know there are a few of us in Spiritus Lex always looking for practice partners. Were less of a clan and more just RL friends in this group. Let me know if any of you would like to practice against a zerg sometime or even team up with us when you want to have some dink around games.
We have a few of us that are Plat-Diamond in 1v1 (I placed gold this HotS reset but that will change soon).

The majority are Silver/Gold.

In teams (what we play mostly) some of us are as high as master, but mostly gold/plat.
Pretty cool group, I'm happy with my stay here so far, highly suggest it!
This is how this just went down........


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