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haha, I wasn't asked to leave. I left on my own because you rage all the time and have no respect for others.
I still speak to many members of IGE and your vice pres and both leaders of the LOL devision left because you got mad at them for playing LOL with me so yes i am just warning the SC2 community of you because you are a very toxic person have a good day Sc2 community your more than welocome to add me and play some games Have Fun and as Always GG
Truly sad.

Synn and Micro are former members, as VKP mentioned, and from the above actions you can see why. They're nuisances, immature trolls and spiteful little whiners.

Ask yourself what type of person comes to another clan’s recruitment thread and cries about it? Someone with too much time, no respect for a community, and a childlike mentality.

Come on over to IGE and find out what we’re truly about.
Well good, Micro. I'm glad you got it off your chest. I'm sure the people who read this thread will have plenty to weigh you and your sidekick's words with, so I'm fine with letting them decide what to think. You two have done more harm to your own reputations here than anything VKP or I could ever say.

Nice of you to stop by.
Wow - still trying to make those who won't follow Trollz command in to the "enemy". We have done nothing to our own reputations. We have expressed our experiences with IGE, and you seem to be soooo offended by anything negative. As i said, it appears the "Trollz Dictatorship" still rules.
For someone who just 'came across this thread' you seem to spend an awful lot of time here. I think you've given the fine people who read this forum more than enough to gauge you with, so again we'll let them decide. I'm confident they can look at the above messages and see where they'd rather spend their time.

So in closing, good luck in XO or OD or whatever clan you're in this week. There have been far too many for me to keep track of, but whatever the case, we wish you well.
Looks pretty legit I applied.

Hopefully I am accepted :)
IGE has expanded again and is now putting together a team for clan wars and the competitive scene. Fill out an app and become a member of the Imperium Gaming Empire!
Clan war tonight vs Bubble Gaming, should be a lot of fun :D

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