Game crashes every 5-15 Minutes

Mac Technical Support
So, here's my problem. I started playing on snow leopard but the crashing began. I thought the problem was in the OS so I upgraded to Mountain Lion.

After that I played the game for hours with no problems. But now, it's starting to crash again mid-game. I'm running the game on a mid 2009 Macbook pro (RAM upgraded to 8 gigs).

Also, I'm playing on the lowest settings possible (I can play with a little bit of lag on mid settings). What's wrong?

It seems like if I play on mid settings the game won't crash (I know, it doesn't make sense). However, it's running at 16-18 fps and dropping sometimes to 5-8 fps.

Update 2:
It crashed after a few hours on mid settings
lol looks like my ram was causing some weirdness with starcraft. I'm able to finish matches again, I'm so happy! :')
Cool. Let us know if this crashes again.

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