Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class VII

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The pilot pipes in again.
"Sorry to say, but seeing as we're going to be waiting on the all-clear from Boris before we land, you won't be getting the honors of being first on the abandoned ship."
A large beast, almost twice the size of the dropship follows. It has eyes dotting its entire body, all looking in different directions and Roach wings on either side. It had a head tucked into a little shell and it looked around. There were four legs on the bottom along with two claws. It was the Overroach.
OOC: almost everyone is on the same ship. and just for the hell of it lets say sam is sitting near the door since Steel is semi afk.

IC: "OK I won't." I turn to look at Terrance and shake my head. My own helmet begins to warp around my head.
IC: my armor begins to form around me. "hey Tari call me when we get there. i need as much rest as possible" i say before closing my eyes and trying to go to sleep

OOC: that's it for me tonight
OOC: Please just assume this post happens before the dropships take off. I was busy doing homework until now and didn't get a chance to post.

IC: Hearing the message on the PA system, I immediately head over to the hangar and get into the nearest dropship. I gravitationally anchor myself to the craft's ceiling to save space for others in the seats while providing anchorage against the ship's acceleration. I look around at the others inside, most of whom I know, except for something which seems to be a Terran/Protoss/Zerg hybrid of some sort. Terance jumps into the ship as well, just as it is lifting off.

"I wonder why we were not permitted to use our own craft for this mission," I say as I hang perfectly stationary upside down near the ceiling, looking for all intents and purposes as if I had been glued invisibly a few inches away from it.
I see the man jump in and my crystal heart pulses and I get a bit nervous. This would be the guy that would have caught me and my friends attention. I quickly quell any thoughts of flirting or otherwise as who would go out with a monster. "Uhhh hello Mr...." I say to him psioncally resisting the urge to say Mr. Hottie or something silly and instead asking him his name.

Destron: I see Terrance and growl lowly, showing my dislike for the crazy flamboyant Terran.
OOC: almost everyone is on the same ship. and just for the hell of it lets say sam is sitting near the door since Steel is semi afk.

IC: "OK I won't." I turn to look at Terrance and shake my head. My own helmet begins to warp around my head.

OOC:so the door buddies are on one side Eric, the other is Sam.
There's two drop ships, though...alright, I got the picture now XD

IC: I flip off Destron and nod to the Hybrid. "Terance Reaver. You seem new."
I put a helmet on, and it seals itself, getting ready for Zero-G.

I read the alert as my suit seals itself, getting ready for exploring the ship.
OOC: Net been offline. I take it we are now on the ship?

IC: Sam gets his cloak ready and checks his ammo.
I check my gear and leave my rifle resting in my hands. Watching Alicia look over her's I nod in approval;
...good, she know's what she is doing... not sure why I'd worry, it's been ten years since I saw her last, of course she's going to be skilled with her weapons of choice...
03/07/2013 07:30 PMPosted by Steelwolf
I take it we are now on the ship?

no we are on a dropship headed for the ship and you are sitting by the door while Tari is farther back.
OOC: Ok. Just a warnning I have to more more crap tomorrow and paint my new room.... IDK when I will be on. So just pretend he is doing something. If need be Morph I give you premission to rp Sam if you wish
Its fine steel.
The Drop-ships break the atmosphere, and Boris flies ahead of the group, approaching the derelict ship. His Mutalisk flies along the ship, hunting for the hanger among the wrecked ship. Meanwhile, the Drop-ships hover near the Overlords, waiting.

The Pilot sighs and flips a switch. "Alright, now we wait for Boris to give us the all-clear."
Jester: CR has something specific he wants to do with this mission and he is already gone so we have to wait til tomorrow to actually start.
I sigh, shaking my head. "This...reminds me of the Dominion in so many ways, it's not even funny."

Cynthia's Rank Pass beeps. "Maru-bot. Small robot designed to be incapable of harming biological targets, and known for accidentally creating forcefields to defend itself and others from harm for extended periods of time. These are not driven by an AI, but by human mental essences. Incapable of speech unless directly asked a question. Used as prisons for otherwise dangerous beings, or as temporary vessels for irreversibly crippled beings. Fifty nine currently in service."

OOC: Jester, noted you some ships on DA from the Lorians. Use the ones you want.
I get up and walk over to sit next to Sam. I can't think of anyway to reply to Terrance so I stay quiet.
IC: Sam looks at Tari while checking his CO2 scruber in his suit before taking off his mask and flipping up his visor. "I wonder what we will find" He says to Tari
IC:checking his pistol Eric looks at the gathered group. "So who goes in first once we're given the all clear?"

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