Comcast Congestion in Southeastern US

Technical Support
We're currently tracking network congestion that affects some Comcast users in the southeastern part of the United States. Comcast has informed us that they're aware of the problem and hope to have it resolved in one to two weeks.

Until the issue is resolved you may experience latency or connection issues, particularly during primetime hours.

As always, please follow our steps on the StarCraft II Connection Troubleshooting article before assuming your individual issue is related to the congestion. There's nothing worse than waiting for an external fix when all you had to do was powercycle your modem and router. :)
Gotta love Comcast.
Also this might explain why the Twitch HoTS launch cast has been spiking all night.
That explains a good bit, I was curious why there was so much more lag compared to WoL...sigh...Comcast..
Wow this must explain why I'm lagging bad on against the AI on matchmaking. "Waiting for Server".

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