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Team Reborn Soulz is actively recruiting players that are looking to improve their skills and tactics. We are currently accepting Gold - Master league players. Reply to this thread if interested!

Be sure to follow us on:


teamrsz.net | 2010 - 2014
im interested.
Hey Silverstein I just sent you a friend request. Right now we have 50 active members and it continues to grow! :] I am off to work though, catch ya later man.
Have you heared of rSzSauce.. He joined your clan a year ago. Was quite proud at the time
Hey Morte
Yes, I still have him on my friend’s list, but I have not seen him in a long time. It was unfortunate he joined the clan around the time complications struck it good. It affected many players and it is a long story to get into, but we are back. I had some impressive players that held down the fort while I was MIA. How do you know Sauce?
Played a bit. He was a cool guy.
Im interested, Cydane #827
Feel free to add me on your friends list. I just added you right now and I look forward to recruiting you. :] Also you do not need to give your number code since it displays it by clicking on your name.
im interested IIIIIIIIIIII #1865
I will be in contact with you IIIIIIIIIIII! Why so many "I"s? O_O
I'm interested if your still recruiting
Feel free to add me and I will be in contact with you Xizor. :]
I'm interested as well.
I have added you as well PineCone. I am off the for the night though, catch ya sometime tomorrow. Have a nice night!
Awe my bad, was watching some streams xD
I told DrazyHaze to keep an eye out for you. If he is watching his friends list he will know when you are back online. Talk to you soon Cone. :]
Hey, are you guys still accepting members?
I'm quite interested
Hey IChose I added you so I will be on the look out!
i'll join
i am interested in joining Ur clan

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