[rSz] Reborn Soulz: Join Us!

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Seems a good clan. i have the interest.
I am interested in joining.
Gold Zerg player.
im interested
Please get in contact with with me or an Officer as soon as possible. We will keep an eye out for you guys.
Our list is getting full at this time. We will slowly begin booting out inactive players that have generated a long inactive status. Why? This will give current players a chance to join the team.
im interested
I like to join your clan blaze#1869
Link is disabled, interested in joining. Bluesman #549
I am interested
Interested. Add me in game DeMi 780
I'm very interested. How many members?
#633 ^^
interested here!
<---- interested!! thanks
I would like a chance to be part of the team :D

I greatly appreciate every player that jumps in this thread to show interest. If there is no reply here just yet it means I already have you down in my list. With that said our team awaits you. :D
I'm interested. I would really like to get some practice partners too!

- StishFicks
I would like to join your team.
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Battle.net Name:
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Cheeseling you might want to edit your post to keep your information private. The form at teamrz.com is disabled in the Join page because we are slowing down on recruiting players. If you post here we have enough information to reach you. I will be in contact soon.
you guys still recruiting im on everyday training to get better

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