What would you want in a SC2 Battlechest?

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I know it's a little early, and there might not even be one planned, but I was curious what fans/collectors would want inside a SC2 Battlechest and how much they would be willing to pay for it (I searched but couldn't find any topics on this, so hopefully this topic is allowed).

Personally, I would love two versions:

a cheaper, everything you need to get you/a friend started chest with:

- Perhaps an authenticator (I currently use the app version but wouldn't mind trying one of these) and/or SC1 thrown in (just a card, no USB to keep the cost down).

Here's my math on what that would be worth to me: 20 (WOL) + 20 (possible sales on HOTS when we close in on LOTV release) + 40 (LOTV if price will be the same as HOTS) and i'd kind of hope one of the extras would be thrown in for free as an incentive for say someone who only needs LOTV to choose this over the standalone.

the second version would be my dream SC2 mega battlechest with:

- SC1 on a new exclusive USB.
- authenticator (exclusive artwork version?).
- humongous artbook covering all 3 games (perhaps digital download to save using a tree per chest haha).
- Zealot/Hydralisk/Marine tournament figurines.
- a (one model/small?) SC2 Mega Bloks kit.

Considering 80 for a CE alone, I think somewhere between 200-300 would be a fair price (call me crazy) depending on whats included. Obviously nothing from the individual CEs since that would be unfair to those who purchased them (diminishing their value).

So what would you want? and no need to be as boring as me, feel free to mention things like baneling plushies and a real psi blade as long as they remain appropriate.
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