Can't Login to SEA account or forums

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue I have raised a ticket and the guys in support were really helpful but were unable to provide any answers. They have put it down to the global play change over. If anyone has any insight would be appreciated as I can log into EU or US forums and I can log into EU, SEA and US game servers which is baffling because it recognises my login to the actual game but not the forums for SEA.

Next would be that I purchased the HOTS digital copy and it shows in my account okay but is it supposed to be preloading yet as that hasnt happened but i may be jumping the gun here? I thought it might be due to my client being SEA.... maybe I have to download the US client to get the expansion. Seems confusing but if the preloading hasnt commenced them im probably worried for nothing.

Hopefully a solution to the SEA forum bug is advised at some point but at least I can play on any region which is a plus. Although I havent tried the other regions besides EU, US and SEA and to be honest doubt I would ever play on any others than SEA or US.

any feedback would be appreciated.
It takes a while the the forums to catch-up after you create a character.

Even so the SEA forums aren't going to last much longer.
Go to your Starcraft II folder, then go to the Updates folder inside.
If there is an SC2_HotS_20_BGDL folder in there with approx 5.04GB data, then you've already pre-downloaded the expansion. The patcher you'll get to download when the game launches will likely 'unlock' the files and let you install them at that point in time.

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