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Among the Shadows

About Us
Among the Shadows was established in July 2011 in preparation for an upcoming game. Since then the guild has grown and expanded into several other games, the most recent being StarCraft 2. This division of the guild is new, with the potential to grow in a well established community setting.

Our guild is an adult guild. Many in our guild have families, children, full time jobs, and/or go to college. We understand these things are more important than the games we play. It doesn't matter to us if you play once a month or nightly, we are there for our members no matter how active they play.

What we are looking for:
    Team Players
    Sense of Humor
    Maintaining a Drama-Free Environment
    Desire to Have Fun

What we can offer:
Helpful, friendly members
Ventrillo Server / Forums for members to make full use of

What we are NOT looking for:
Elitist attitude or are rude towards others
Belittling others that don't have the same rank or better rank than yourself.
We are looking for more to join us. We will be doing 1v1 trainings, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches, along with some fun weekly events, like custom games and tournaments once we are fully up and running.
im interested
Welcome Hades, and others that have joined.
Looking for more to join us.
I am interested
I am interested but depends on the time people play. I tend to play late nights in PST time zone. I am a plat/diamond level player. Best with toss.
I'll add both of you to my friends list and contact you in game. The best way to get a quicker response from me if I am not in game is through our clan website, above.

We are still growing, but have had a couple interested from the PST timezone also. Once we have gotten some more join, we will begin some clan events. Events such as 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, trainings, etc on most nights, with weekly custom map or internal tournament events.

Our clan application process includes a question about your current rank, only so we can help pair you up with those of similar skill. We accept all skill levels.
I have put a app in hope i get in and sounds like a great sc2 community. :D
I am an adult gamer who is been playing StarCraft since the very first one. I am interested in joining. Please let me know what I have to do to apply. Thank you.

Just head over to our website. We have a simple and quick application process there.
We've had 3 new members between last night and this morning. We are growing and looking for more.
Interested! Message me in-game.
I applied as well, hope to hear back soon!
Thanks for joining up Barn.

Rysha, I'll contact you when I see you.

I added an application through the site. I still have yet to hear from you. Regardless, I am looking for a casual team to play with and climb up the HoTS ladder. I am a bit tired of random people. :\
Got you all set on our website. I've added you to my friends list, just waiting til we cross paths in game to chat with you.
We are continuing to grow and always looking for more to join up with us.

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