mOOnGLaDe on 9 News

I just saw mOOnGLaDe pop up on the news being interviewed by a reporter about the gunman at Queens Street Mall in Brisbane just then.
According to his twitter, he was right there on the spot when the whole thing went down.
crazy stuff!

Obviouisly a TvT reaper rush in the worker line vs 4 rax early push followed by medivacs
Good job Moonglade >.<
I'm still laughing at the Zerg t shirt.
No chance you would second guess if it was Moonglade walking by or not.
1:08 Moonglade: "we didnt hear or SEER it, excuse me, see it"... obviously his overseer scouting was a little off
Haha, I saw that too. I was wondering who that guy was coz he looked awfully familiar! (I met him/played him in Warcraft 3 many years ago)

Lolz indeed @ the shirt!
This guy gets around!

Glade on the ABC Breakfast news after the Heart of the Swarm launch last week:
Wow, I felt so nervous for him during that abc interview.

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