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Post anything: Character sheets, ideas, extra info, etc. I'm using this so that I can make the reboot much easier to do. I'll be posting the rough drafts here too so everyone will have an idea of the story before hand.
Yay!!!! so ... just re post our old char sheets? as well as any other !@#$ we come up with?
I'd say that's a safe bet. Jason's getting a wee bit of a redo first though.
yeah gonna put a bit more effort into Arcis myself ... maybe change her name since you all keep thinking she was a he *glares mainly at Dacder*
Cut him some slack, he only did it once.
03/08/2013 07:41 PMPosted by Zarkun
he only did it once.

No. He. Didn't. I had too correct him almost every time he refered to Arcis ...
Ok, so he did it more than once. You never were very specific with gender until someone messed up.
*looks at char sheet* its right there DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH name. .... I'm just going to change her name so it is a bit more obvious ... sigh ... *takes out 'pencil and eraser' then begins to work on char sheet.*
I'm going to ask how often we referenced character sheets last time.
not very often *glares at Naits for this oversight* might want to add a 'Master Character Sheet' and just C&P it for each new thread
Name: Jason Granger
Race: Human
Age: 25
Appearance: Wears black and silver colored scale mail armor that has only the right arm armored in black chainmail armor and the left arm unarmored, with the armor hugging the body. Helmet resembles a streamlined and slimed down Knight's helmet. Six foot even and lithe, muscular build, so basically athletic. 210 lbs.
Armament: Twin Es pistols called the Blood Takers, long sword strapped to his back called Trinity, Hunter's blade (Think assassin's blade) advanced hand-to-hand training and martial arts training
Backstory: Jason had been a gifted Es user from birth, and had been born the descendant of a great Es user who had battled the zombies created by the R Virus shortly after the outbreak began. Jason calls himself the Hunter, having trained his body to allow him to be fast and agile, while also being stealthy and silent, killing his opponents anywhere from in their face, to from above. Never quite fully seen in the act. His father calls himself a Protector, using a Gaia cannon and the abilities it bestows to fight the Rombies, as he calls them, at the entrance to the Deadlands, keeping them in their hole. Jason travels the world now, searching for all the knowledge he can find. Along the way he found a crystal that allows him to super charge his armor with Es energy, a sort of berserk mode.

As I typed up the new backstory, I realized that the from above part made more sense with the hidden blade.
May be prone to further editing

Name: Salicya
Gender: Unknown
Race: Dragon
Age: unknown
Appearance: a Gold colored egg with a crimson mark of Erini [http://silentnight4k.deviantart.com/#/d5nhp2h]
Backstory: A dragon egg that was abandoned in the Dragon's Hollow when the R Virus struck the world. A hundred eggs were left in the main hall of the Hollow as insurance that Dragons would return to the world. All of the eggs are protected by strong spells that allow them to viable and undamaged for hundreds of thousands of years unless they find their riders. The egg would remain undiscovered for several years until an adventurer happened upon the cave and found the egg covered in dust and dirt but otherwise unharmed.
Es power: unknown
Armaments: unknown

[Post hatch]
Name: Salicya
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon
Appearance: a beautiful red and gold colored ‘western style’ dragon. A strange crimson gauntlet fused to her left front paw. She has a mark of Erini on the left side of her face around her eye.
http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=gold+dragon#/d478acc http://silentnight4k.deviantart.com/#/d5nhp2h mark of Erini
Backstory: Abandoned as an egg during the rise of the R Virus in the Ancient Dragon's Hollow. She was found several years later, after the Infected had been ‘sealed away’, by an adventurer. She had chosen Jason Granger as her rider when he was young. He finally found the Hollow and passed his trail with Drago, the soul of the oldest dragon living in a Statue which can change its form, at the age of 25. Later when placed upon the Altar of Partnership, she hatched for him.
Es Power: Creator, Prophet, Enchanter
Armaments: Claws, Teeth, Fire breath,
Name: Sahna Pillexa
Race: Phos
Age: 19
Appearance: 5'7, 125 pounds. Slender, not so muscular body. Dark, entrancing black hair. A pretty, slender face, with blue markings in the way of a shield on the right cheek. She has deep, glowing dark blue eyes, which are nearly hypnotizing in their beauty. On her back and stomach she has two more markings, each dark blue. On the back, a crossed spear and sword. On the stomach, a three overlapping shields. On her left leg to the outside is one last marking, a large circle with a spear coming up the middle to form two half circles, her families mark. Her armor is a thin piece of chainmail with leather underneath, covering her chest, stomach, and back. And for her upper legs leather and steel armor, with steel and cotton boots for the lower legs. Wears a winged helmet, which bears resemblance to a viking helmet.
Backstory: Sahna was with her father, who was a lord of the Phos when the disease struck. It killed, well, transformed her mother and two brothers, and she was forced to kill them all. Once that happened, she traveled the countryside, hunting and what not to survive. She's lived this hard life for months, and wishes to go back to a city, but her area was hit hard, and she knows not where refuge is.
Es Power: Watcher
Weapons: Long bow, Shorter composite bow, long steel knife for close up and emergencies.

Don't think editing is too necessary, but a character rework otherwise is. XD
This actually requires approval

Name: Sevilit
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon
Appearance: Purple with green trim throughout (Representing the Poison it uses as its Trail),
Backstory: Abandoned as an egg during the rise of the R virus in the Ancient Dragon's Hollow. He chose a young girl of good spirit and set upon her his trial. As she crossed the blighted lands his poison seeped into her blood but she believed it to be from crossing the blighted lands. He watches over her watching her progress on finding the key to both survival and passing the trial.
Es Power: Destroyer, Prophet, Enchanter
Armaments: Claws, Teeth, Poison spray and Fire Breath
Good, so far. I have locations set down.

Bastion is going to be the starting point again. Snowy Grasslands and that pirate town got removed, though. Including the underground passageway. The main continent was shrunk from looping around the planet to a large continent with large rivers that run through it.

The "class" system got changed, so you should all be seeing what I added later by tonight.
Cool. Can't wait to get going on this again.
Sounds good... I know for sure that I'll be changing up how the Marked work a tad bit probably because of yet another influence from a book... Sad it is.
"I'll wait for the new stuff."
Here it is:


(It's mostly for how your character will be hierarchically placed and how you can interact with characters and the environment.

Noble- Being born into a rich and prosperous family, you have political influence inside the government of your city of where you reside. You have the command of several employees at your fingertips. However, your family may have made some enemies, making you sometimes require more help than anyone else.

Traveler- Without a proper home, you travel place to place, selling whatever exotic items you find on your travels. Seeing that sometimes you cannot pay for your traveling fees, you've learned to live off the land, sometimes having to live on the streets to get what you need.

Pirate- With the treaty between the Bastion royalty and the Pirate Lord, pirates are allowed within Bastion's lands freely. Your life on the seas have taught you many skills to steal what you need and how to navigate the seas. However, being a pirate has limited your ability to properly get jobs outside of Bastion.

Soldier- Being a member of the army, you're trained for war. Constantly preparing for any conflict, your mind is on the needs of your superiors. Due to your status, you have better luck getting what you need from security personnel and have access to some restricted areas.


(Gonna edit this in when I get the Marked types from CR.....)
Es types would be helpful.

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