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I'm a master Terran and I would like to join . Somebody hmu or give me the details to join
you should go to and click on that big "Join Now" button on the top right, fill out a quick application form...then get on our Teamspeak server sometime you like and chat with the folks in the SCII channel...and you should have words from someone soon about the next steps !
Can you be part of two divisions with you guys? I play both SC2 and BO2...
I'll apply and see how it goes :)
sure, as long as you make all the practices for your primary division (SCII) can attend games with other divisions
Just wanted to give a quick update in. TAW's StarCraft II has grown to 113 members. TAW as a whole 2350+ members.
The Art of Warfare is a great community. It's the best community I've been able to find.
UPDATE: Since the launch of HotS, we've grown to over 120 active members! recruiting
Its simple to join and all that required is a working mic! Just go to and its self explanatory after that.
We are a community that uses teamspeak 3, with over 100+ current players for sc2. We play anything from 1v1, to teams, and arcade.
We have reach a total of 140 members between the EU and NA battalions! Happy to see many new recruits join us.
I was trying to submit and application so I just made and account and it looked like doing that automatically submitted one for me. If not, let me know. My username on there is Lotus.
Will you guys let a high silver league protoss join? Because I really want to get in a clan! :D
any leagues are fine really...just be active and you'll have a good time here.
taw is a stupid clan, it treated me really badly, people taught me their a couple of things... then i got demoted to bronze, so i joined clan infinty and got to platinum in 2 weeks
Hi HighCaliber,

TAW works maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We are an organization of loyal and dedicated members that hold each other to the highest standards. I can assure you TAW's StarCraft II division handles any problems in a fair and unbiased manner.

We have had many members who started in bronze and have since moved up the ladder thanks to our practices and coaching. I apologize if your time in TAW gave you the wrong impression of who we are, but anyone who is uncertain about joining is always welcome to play with TAW members as a guest.

TAW still going strong!
Hello guys can i join your clan im a gold zerg player LF 1v1 or team games pls notify me if im accepted thanks again :D
Whenever I try to join it keeps saying " this website requires a client certificate " and when i give it on it just pops back up
What web browser are you using?
Hey KaiserNet!

Did you already apply to TAW on the website? I'd like to go ahead and move ahead with your application, but I need to know what name you signed up under.

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