Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class VIII

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{{Just call it a hunch. Everyone has secrets. Mine's too risky for others to know.}}
{{A hunch. Right.}}
I say completely unconvinced.
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"What would some of the most advanced scanners I've ever seen miss?"

I've heard THAT one before.
"I must say, I wish we were allowed to bring our own ships. If a mission goes badly, evacuating and then atomizing the entire derelict tends to be something you can count on as a backup plan."
I nod;
Makes sense but not all of us have a functional ship at the moment..."
I say wryly.
{{Just trust me.}} I close the channel and sigh quietly. You make it difficult to remain optimistic. Katarn continues his gaze. You will not be alone on that ship. I sigh again and look at Eric. "Tis just a simple question."
I consider a couple of replies to Terance but let the comm line go silent. After a moment, I play March of Cambreadth on my headphones, and lean back listening to the music, but still ready for the drop.

"The Ascension is fully equipped with antimatter missiles and particle beams and fitted with a warp drive. I would have preferred to use it to reach this place, but alas the dropships were the only transportation permitted for this mission. Even if only some of us have functional craft, the rest can always come i the dropships. I always would rather have more firepower than necessary than too little when something unexpected happens, however, so even if those of us who do have our ships ready to use brought them I would think it would be helpful."
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{{Just trust me.}} I close the channel and sigh quietly. You make it difficult to remain optimistic. Katarn continues his gaze. You will not be alone on that ship. I sigh again and look at Eric. "Tis just a simple question."

Zerg. Scanners can -always- miss zerg. And protoss. I have nothing against the two species, but they seem to like sneak attacks more than I do. And i love me some sneak attacks.

OOC: i'm off for the night.
"I would have preferred to bring the ShadowWalker myself and I could have easily ferried people to the derelict but same problem."
"And I would have preferred Windseeker. Look, if they felt there was more danger, we'd have been allowed our ships."
I nod and do another check of my weapons and suit systems.
"I understand their logic. However, I am still firmly of the belief that being overprepared is better than being underprepared, and then not being able to properly deal with the unexpected. After all, what disadvantages would there be to bringing armed spacecraft on this mission? Spending a small amount of currency for fuel costs?"
I shrug. "Who knows? Personally, I don't care. I'm ok with not wasting energy from my ship."
I over hear Dante talking to Tari about his condition. Before I could mention that I was a healer to him he had gone to sleep. I'd have to remember to tell him later.

I remain sitting on my ship thinking on what had just happened. I still felt like I had lost part of me and couldn't shake the feeling.

I sigh as I head back to my office. Once I enter my office I activate a small hologram of a person. I sigh softly as I was starting to long for home...

I pull out my comm and enter in a number for another comm. {{Hey Dani, Just got to thinking about you again... I'm hoping that things slow down enough here I can come home for a few days to see you in person.}}
Sahlk rides in his Overroach that was specially modified to be able to carry Zerg while still having detection and a place to store acid. The Overroach bobs next to the dropship.

I decided to head to the computer room to see what was going on for the guys heading to the derelict ship.
Zarkun, I just noticed but with Terance, he'll be a huge target because of his secret.

IC: Boris found a hanger on the starboard. Most of the power was out and the only thing keeping the lights and the force field on are the lights. They would have to be careful.


Crates were stirring from inside the ship, feeling a massive spike of psionic potential in one ship... All movement ceased to exist as the lights flickered back on for a second and back off....
Dhiram flexes his fingers, feeling the whirring in his weapons. He would rather have a sword, but he had to admit that the gauntlets were more versatile.

He knew something would be in there. He had studied the records on the original Academy, and nothing 'normal' ever happened when Poltergeist was involved. Ever.

A shiver runs through his body as a powerful psionic beacon ignites momentarily. Wonderful. He hated using psionics, but he probably wouldn't have a choice. He didn't have the advanced weaponry of the others.
The Mutalisk flies over to the Hanger, its eyes scanning through the damaged infrastructure. It telekinetically moves crates to give it a better view as it hovers at one spot. Boris gives the place a strange look, knowing that the ship's reactors were most likely off-line, but still feeling as if something was going to try to kill him.

The pilot flips his radio on and replies to Stefan
{If it had music, either everyone would be deaf or everyone would be cursing at me to turn it off.} He turns off the radio, and leans back, waiting.
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he'll be a huge target

Only 5% of Terance's power is Psionic. I explained this in the match with Ceas, so I'm not super concerned.

IC: {{Heh. Of course. I'd be glad to see you. But there's a lockdown right now. Oracle freaked. Stupid prophetic weirdo. Anyway, because Shadow is 'aware' of 'how true Oracle speaks', the whole place isn't allowing anyone in or out. Umbra just slipped past the radar.}} A clip of static cuts in. Suddenly, Agent Shadow's voice picks up, obviously prerecorded. {{No communication in or out of KLR9 until the temporary lockdown is released. If attempts at contact continue, Assassin Units will be deployed. Have a nice day.}} Cayl walks over to Flint's office and knocks.

What is it that's bothering me...Scanners say the ship is clean, but...that's not it... Sighing, he knocks again. "Flint, I need your help with something."

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