Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class VIII

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Cayl thinks for a moment, then snaps his fingers. "The Solaris Consortium. They're a government only a few years old, but they're rumored to be linked to the old Masonic Commune. Only thing I can figure is that those two started it up when they came of age."
Shade was amused by this. "They run a government? Sounds fascinating... I wonder how the people love their rulers... I knew there was problems from the Commune but I'm actually quite curious in knowing more about this Consortium."
"From what our Assassins say, the people will take the word of their leaders over an outsider's any day. We've had border disputes that were quickly fixed by the Lorian military. Buggers thought they could waltz right in and take our planets."

If only it were that easy, young ones. You must understand that, with disease, military threats, an apparent assassination, and what I can only describe as resurgence of old grudges, there might not be anything I can do. Here's what the prophecy was.
"When the two of power confide
In the being of lowest tide
Chaos of unavoidable nature
Will wrest open the harshest suture
Of Ravius, one shall wish to die
Of the new, shall two fry
Without key or crystal in hand
Beautiful dream to barren land
The solution to the problem dear:
To drink from the font too clear"
Verse. Holy hell, I hate verse. In any case, I can't interpret half of it. Maybe you could riddle it out. It was you who liked to solve riddles, right?
Shade was about to say something in response to Cayl when she heard Shadow. Listening to every word.

Shadow... That makes no sense at all. You do realize that, right? And I doubt that Cynthia would want to die willingly. I wouldn't... And Raven wouldn't want to die either. And yeah... I like riddles but riddles I can understand.
IC: Eric looked over at the hologram and nodded. "yeah, those'll work. That won't add too much bulk, i think. No more so than carrying my tank would anyways."
OOC: Zarkun I don't remeber giving you permission to rp sam so he didn't run into a wall. Did we get the data or what I read all of the text well skimed it and I'm not 100% on it
Steel technically I did :P
.... ok permission revoked and he still didn't run into a dam wall if you want you can say a void thing threw him in but simple running into a wall no...
03/09/2013 05:50 PMPosted by Steelwolf
.... ok permission revoked and he still didn't run into a dam wall if you want you can say a void thing threw him in but simple running into a wall no...

He didn't run into a wall, Cayl sorta threw him into it. Just did say it that way.

IC: Regina nods and several mechanical arms begin working on the additions.
Shade repeated everything that Shadow had told her to Cayl. "That is what he said... I don't see any Ravius doing that though... Do you? Unless it's going to happen without us thinking... And it's probably going to involve your evil Twins who want nothing but dominance.... Please that is so far fetched about them probably but I'm being serious now... It probably involves them."
OOC: Crystal Barrier for Greggor.

IC: I teleport into the lab not far from Shade, Cayl, and Zaros. "What did I miss and I am sorry I am late. I was studying Richard..." I gesture to the container in my hand with the Void being.

I head strait for the training room to begin practicing my melee combat.
Seems slow again. So what all did I miss?
"Korzis has had his back dug out, Cynthia has been shot in the spine, there are twin children of Neil, and they run a government called the Solaris Consortium." Zaros answers.
"So more than I'd like. Whats the plan?"
"Leave them alone and hopefully they'll leave us alone." Zaros shrugs.
"Unlikely but sounds reasonable. I presume my other specimens are here?"
"Yes." Zaros thinks for a second and then smirks. "Big Bucky and Little Billy are here to hang out with you and Richard."
"Fun.. Hopefully we will get somewhere in finding out what exactly they are and such." I walk to a spot in the lab where the containment cells were and set the first specimen, the one I was carrying, into the first cell and seal it of before telekinetically opening the shrinking container. 'Richard' quickly exits and tries to attack me only to be stopped by the cell barrier. It hisses loudly and tries several more times before it knocks itself out.
"Poor little guy, He still has yet to learn the he can't break out..."
A Nightmare of Shadow appears in the room, but it's different somehow. Almost as if it wasn't projected right. It's flickering between existence and transparency. "Shade, I am aware that it makes little sense. Oracle's stuff only really makes sense in hindsight. Regarding 'wish to die', however, I believe it means something so traumatic will happen that death would be mercy." The Nightmare's expression becomes bitter, and somewhat sad. "I can think of a few things that would make sense." The Nightmare destabilizes and sends an icy front rippling through the room.

Cayl laughs. "Not scary, Shadow." He returns his attention to the issue of the Twins. "I feel the need to point out that we have the rest of their data, and they will come for that." A couple hours later, I come out in the new armor, the silver main plating and red trim on the scale mail looking good while the deep grey chain mail on my right arm fit the color scheme well, my sword on my back as always. Nodding in approval, I head for the medbay. I wondered if Cynthia was any better. My helmet encased my head, the motorcycle helm appearance helping greatly.
After meditating for a bit, I get up and head back 'inside', headed for the med bay to see how the wounded were doing.

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