Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class VIII

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zarkun i may not be an rper for but i no that hair style. its Elsword as the infinite sword i think its called
03/10/2013 03:18 AMPosted by Silvara
zarkun i may not be an rper for but i no that hair style. its Elsword as the infinite sword i think its called
So that's where he got it from. XD

@Zarkun, :P

IC: Shade shakes her head at Shadow who had just disappeared. "Shadow... I know that somethings you can't change. But that's why the call it the future, you don't know what's going to happen... Another thing that I'm thinking about is that maybe someone will give up everything they hold dear to save something, someone." That's when she turned her attention to Cayl, "and... remember, we don't have the rest of their data, maybe a crucial bit but it's barely anything. It's only a very, small...... fragment. The irony Cayl, the irony... They want the remnant of this data pertaining to a Remnant... So we have a fragment of their data while they are searching for a fragment of something... Irony at it's finest."


Medical personal was already helping me into a wheelchair. "Korzis... Technically Cynthia is ready to be released but we'll keep you in to make sure that you recover well," the personal says as he holds s syringe with a liquid in it. "We are going to go ahead and test this medicine as to kill the pain but to help with repairing cells."

I look at it, wondering where they were going to inject Korzis at.
Cayl shrugs, cursing as he realized that they held no records of whether or not the maids were psionic. He'd come across Jessica's name, but she hadn't even been marked as psionic. "Well, that's grand, that is." I arrive just as they put Cynthia in the medical chair.

"How you feeling, Cynth?"
ok i've been away for an entire day now can i have a recap?
Shade gave a hearty chuckle... Realizing that the situation was going to be fun trying to figure out. "Like I said, maybe he had a wife without us knowing... Or a secret admirer."

I brought my arms up, yawning. "Tired! And annoyed at the same time..."

OOC: Darkra, you want a recap! *Laughs*
Funny thing is... Go to post 329 on page 17 for ONE reward for Dante and you are back at the Academy. Only a small fragment of a data chip was recovered so the students wont be getting any information since they are still trying to decipher it... Plus Cynthia is paralyzed from the waist down!
03/10/2013 09:08 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Plus Cynthia is paralyzed from the waist down!

well she did get shot....

OOC: i would like the psychosis launcher
03/10/2013 09:13 AMPosted by darkra
psychosis launcher

You don't just have the reward. You OOC your choice and when everyone has made it, I add it to your list and you can then have it.
"Um, Darkra, you wouldn't have received it yet. So just say in OOC. Edit coming soon..."

I see the needle and struggle a bit, but after the immense pain of the little movement I fall limp. "Fine."
03/10/2013 09:13 AMPosted by darkra
well she did get shot....
You said you wanted a recap and I gave it to you.

@Zarkun, you still need to respond.

IC: The doctor smiled slightly. "Don't worry Korzis... This will help you be more comfortable while you rest."
Walking into the med bay, I immediately note Cynthia in a wheelchair and Terance up and about in new armor;
"What happened? Things were chaotic as hell up there."
I ask the two of them.
I looked down at Stefan, making sure he doesn't see my weakness... He probably already knew since I was in a wheelchair. "I got shot in the spine and now I'm paralyzed from the waist down..."
I dip my head in wordless apology;
"Is it permanent?..."
I ask, my voice trailing off in thought.
I chuckle at Cynthia. "Well, I'm sure someone will find a way to fix you up. As for what happened to me, that...wasn't up there that I got all this. Of course, that b!tch probably gave me the gash that fried my other suit of armor."
I stared off into the distance... I knew what Stefan was thinking about. "Yes... but there could be someway to repair the damage..." Looking back at Terance since he might be the one to do it for me... "Do you think you might be able to push me around?"
I nod, looking over Terance's new armor;
"Nice suit."
I say, notting the increase in his power;
...right, just a hunch?... talk about a load of bull$hit...
I nod, the helmet vanishing to reveal my new hair cut as I walk behind Cynthia. "I got time. Where to?" I nod to Stefan. "Thanks. Spent months working on it."
Looking down at the ground so my hair was in front of my face... "Just take me to my room... Not like I'll be able to do anything in the mean time. Everything I used to do I can't do anymore."
I squat down next to Cynthia;
"So it is permanent. I... (I pause for a moment, looking for the right words) have a possible solution, but I don't think you'd like it.."

Just as a reminder Stefan is a 7' 300+ pound super soldier.
I bring this all into my mind, wondering what Stefan could be asking about. "Tell me about it... I might be desperate enough for another man to help me," I say with a bitter taste in my mouth... Unhappy with my situation.
I shake my head. "Not now. You need rest. Stefan and I will approach Shade with it if it's viable." I push the wheel chair down the hall, towards Cynthia's room. I notice the bots again and sigh. Shade, can you call off the damn watch dogs? I think Zaros has security following Cynthia and I.

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