Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class VIII

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I shrug;
"Make a clone of yourself, use growth accelerators to get it to your age and perform a brain transplant."
I say simply.
War, your person just heard an Archangel speak. Might want to react.

IC: I shake my head, almost laughing at the thought. "Clones resemble current abilities. Meaning she'll still be paralyzed."
"Fine... And once you drop me off I want to be left alone... I want to be lonely this time because I want to think about what happened..." I say with distraught. "And I don't want to have a clone and do that... It's unnatural and it'll still bring myself in a terrible situation... Because then there will be two and that means I'll die if you put the other me down... I don't want to die, even if it is just a clone."


Shade gave a sigh. Lovely... I wonder if he's afraid that something like the First Class will happen to her... After all it happened to us so you can't really blame him...

{{Boris... I need you to call off the bots keeping and eye on Terance and Cynthia... They will be fine and nothing will happen to Cynth.}} Shade irked a bit at using that nickname for me.
Just going to say that Stefan followed them.

I shake my head;
"Not if you do it right. It's more or less how I ended up with this body in the first place."
I wheel Cynthia into her room, handing her a COM unit linked directly to mine and encrypted with Xel'Naga encryption codes. No AI could crack it, since only I had the how to guide back written down in a notebook that Zack currently carried. After the attack on me in the Cafeteria, I hadn't taken chances. "Use that if you need to contact me. No one will be able to eavesdrop." From what Cynthia told me, that also involved a love potion.
That's not the point... He just doesn't want that fate thrusted upon her when she isn't ready... Cynthia isn't the one to be 'ready' for much.

I tried to hop off the chair and I fell onto my bed. "I guess we can use a Comm... Not like I'll use it."
"Not saying you have to, just...promise me you'll call me if you start thinking unhappy things." I had a pleading look in my eyes, something that was uncharacteristic of me. She'll be ready one day. I can wait until then.
Boris picks up his radio, and turns it on. He patches Zaros into the same channel, and says {{Master Zaros would most likely disagree with you on nothing happening between the two.}}

I finish eating and head to the Firing Range. When I get there, I fire on a target with my Assault Rifle.
Approaching Cynthia's room, I stop a couple of feet from the door and face the hall, giving Terance and Cynthia their privacy. With my hands clasped, I look to all the world like one massive security guard.

Having grabbed a quick bite to eat, I start wandering through the halls looking for one of the teachers.
IC: i decided to go to Cynthia's room. Even though it was quit awkward when we talked getting shot is one of those times that even the strangest conversation helps.
{{Shade, you understand that is quite the possibility that they might get too close. Yes, she is a grown woman, but there are still many things she cannot deal with emotionally. Terance breaks away from her when they are extremely close would be one of those things. I am just afraid for her.}} Zaros says over the channel.
{{Then we'll come to that conclusion when it comes to there... If he does that then we'll beat the ever living !@#$ out of his %^-.}} Terance... Just make sure you don't do something you might regret... Cynthia can be, how should we say it... emotional.


I just looked away. "Okay... I promise to call you if something happens."
{{If he makes a single movement that may end in Cynthia being in pain of any kind, I will do such a thing. But, I guess I'll let it run its course.}} Zaros responds.
I nod appreciatively, relief written on my face, and close the door, turning to walk away when I notice Stefan. "You followed us all the way here, didn't you?" Shade, I wouldn't ever intentionally try and hurt her in anyway. But being spied on doesn't sit well with me, especially given the sensitive nature of my notes and such.
I shrug;
"Yes, your point?"
I say, turning to face him.
"Just asking." I start to walk away when I see Dante. I growl. "Let her be, Dante. She doesn't want anyone bugging her."
Following Terance, I start to ask him something, but stop as Dante comes into view. Standing at Terance's shoulder, I add my unspoken support to his words.
{{Then so it shall be.}} Boris says, then swaps channels.
{{Stand down on spying on Terrance until further notice.}} He waits a second, then turns his radio off, going back to his thoughts.

The bot following Terrance in the vents scampers off, no longer following him.
I release the other two specimens into the containment cell and watch them as the do the same as the first. One wizened up some and stopped attacking the glass after the first three attempts. I set up some observation equipment and exits the lab.

{{Shade specimens are now in containment cells. I am still ready for the tests in the basement when you are.}}
{{Yes I am... I'll be down in a few.}} Shade says as she packs the PDA in her pocket and goes off running with Flint down to the basement. {{Zaros... You joining us?}}

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