Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class VIII

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I begin setting up the devices around the area making sure that everything was in place. I pull out my PDA and set it to observe the Void energy level in the area.
Shade arrived shortly and locked down the elevator so it wouldn't be allowed to go down to the basement. "Okay... Once the devices are up, let's open the portal."
"Hold on got one more thing." I set on last device with containers in it. "Alright now I am ready?"
Cayl shakes his head and sits back. "There's gotta be record somewhere..."
Shade replies to that by entering her code in the basement room... An energy shield dispersed as the door began to slide open. "Get ready... The energy leaking out of it is going to be strong... They might even feel the energy pouring into the academy."
With haste Zaros arrives at the basement.
Sighing in defeat, he stands up and heads back up to an upper section, intent on finding something for the students to do. This was a combat school after all.
IC: i eye to pair. "what do you chumps want?"
"You heard me. Leave Cynthia be. She's locked the door anyways."
IC: i shrug "no problem. Just tell her that i hope she's alright. see ya later fanboy and chum chum"
The black aura envelops me briefly and I flash step, cutting off Dante. "Don't push your luck, unless you're pressing for an early grave." By the time I'd appeared, the aura had vanished, but the traces of energy remained. "I've tried being patient with you, and you seem to care for a more blunt approach."
IC: "i said see ya later fanboy. Now f!ck off. i know you think i'm some sorta trash the dominion rolled in and i know that you think you're better than me. But just hear this, i don't like you, you don't like me. How about you just go back to la la land with your girlfriend back there" i say pointing to the door "and i go do what i'm good at." i say pushing him out of the way and rounding the corner
"I don't think you're trash, but you're sure as hell good at acting like it. You ever think that if you dropped the bullsh!t tough guy act you might find more people would like you?" I shake my head, a realization dawning on me. "Why am I wasting my breath on you? You LIKE being treated like sh!t, so you can turn around and prove people wrong." I chuckle, shaking my head as I walk down a separate hall, "That's not only sad, it's absolutely pathetic and worm-like. Come find me when you get over yourself and grow a pair." probably the single most impressive insult I've written. Ever. Of all time.
I was inside pouring a glass of wine... I might as well try it out, and I didn't really want to share with anyone... The taste was wonderful but the angered was getting the best of me and I threw the glass onto the floor. Shattering it instantly. Then without thinking I grab many objects from my nightstand and throw them on the floor, books, my PDA shattering against the floor... But then something else... I noticed it to be the crystal rose. My hand outstretched as I managed to catch it.

My face already wet with the upcoming tears...

Sounds were coming from my room, and since the fact remained that Stefan and Terance hadn't been that far from it.
Following Terance I suppress a growl;
"Specters... I've never met any other Special Ops group with as much belief in their own reputation as them..."
That's when I heard the conversation on my computer... I got in my wheelchair and wheeled myself over there. Trying to lower the volume... I couldn't, someone changed the password and I couldn't even access anything! I was angry now... That's when I heard Dante's remark that involved me...

The door opened with my crossbow on my lap as I wheeled out trying to find Terance and Stefan. "Someone changed the password on my computer so now I can't change anything! Then after that I heard you guys... Where's Dante..."
IC: i mumbled to myself "if only you knew the truth Terrance.... if only"
"He's not even confident in himself. Despite his being a Spectre, he's a scared little boy behind it all." I turn to Cynthia. "So you heard what we both said then?"
I already had a bolt in the mechanism. "Yes, now tell me where he is or I'll shoot you as well... I'm not in the mood."
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"He's not even confident in himself. Despite his being a Spectre, he's a scared little boy behind it all."

I shake my head;
"Maybe your right, maybe not. But whatever, I'm still waiting for answer about where you're getting your power from."

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