Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class VIII

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"I just know he went down that other hall, into Section C, probably heading back to his dorm." I look at Stefan, my eyes narrowing. "Any particular reason you're interested?"
IC: i heard the commotion down the hall. i turn and walk back "no need. as much as i like seeing Terrance blown up this isn't the time and place" i say
"Dante, thank you for saving me the time..." I say, aiming the crossbow at his leg.
I pull Stefan away, further down the hall. "We aren't gonna want to be here in about 30 seconds. We can talk elsewhere."
IC: "uuhh. can we not aim that at my body parts...." i say taking my finger and pointing the crossbow away. "look. i know you may not like me a lot but you know i'm still worried about your wellbeing. i'm sorry i wasn't there to help, i'm sorry i was too slow to come and at least contribute something"
I nod;
"Good point."
I say, quickly following Terance.
I aim the crossbow back at his leg. "And you know what? I heard the whole conversation and frankly, what you did was uncalled for! First you mocked Stefan and Terance, but then you took at it in another level... I truly felt like I was insulted by your sorry !@#! And you being sorry means nothing at this point!"
IC: "all part of the plan." i say before breaking into another coughing fit
"Why, so we can be alone together so you can express your feelings?! I was just threw a life changing experience and I was mocked shortly after all of that... By you."
IC: "no its much simpler than that. Just as you experience being paralyzed me.... i'm.... i don't know if i want to tell you just yet. But trust me its 10 times worse than your revelation"
"So you mock me! You mock Terance and you mock Stefan! How much do I have to live through before you show everyone that you actually care? Now start running or I'm going to shoot you, never mind on that... I might still do that. And I know that you have feelings for me, but yet you refuse to tell me because you care that much... You are just jealous of Terance, is that it?"
IC: "you wanna know why? YOU THINK I DO THIS BECAUSE I LIKE IT!!! ITS BECAUSE...." i stop a second before continuing "i'm dying dammit. i'm dying. Yes i have to admit i like you... a bit. But i can't have too many friends i can't have people preventing me from making the dangerous calls. every time! someone who still can live a full life gets injured and i have nothing done to me at all"
Clearing the hall and possible danger zone, I turn to Terance;
"To answer your question, I've got two reasons. One, I like to know what the people I'm working with are capable of, and the second reason... has to do with Alicia."
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IC: "you wanna know why? YOU THINK I DO THIS BECAUSE I LIKE IT!!! ITS BECAUSE...." i stop a second before continuing "i'm dying dammit. i'm dying"
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My eyes remain narrowed. "My power is my own. It just took a little prodding to get it out."
I nod;
"And just what did that prodding?... All I want to know is if you have a high level psychic entity with you. Something that say... equals or rivals the power that the Queen of Blades had."
"No, I don't." I was getting suspicious. All these questions about Katarn weren't good. Did you go prying again? He mentally shakes his head no. I have not.
I was angry, he had trust issues and he only showed them until now... But dying? I was saddened by this... But it would only help my next statement. "Dying? That's it... I'm paralyzed, all my hopes and dreams are extinguished except for a few. You can actually still enjoy the things you can still do until you see your death! I can't do anything but you can. I can never do anything... Just go... Have fun while you still can. At least you'll have a chance to be happy when you die... For I'll still be paralyzed and die unhappy!"
I sigh;
"Alright, fine. I was hopping you would... Damnit all."
I say, looking away;
"Sorry for prying so much then."

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