Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class VIII

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"It's...fine.Sorry that I'm no help." I turn and start to walk away. Something about Katarn lately, especially in my inner world...why did I feel like he was just now opening me up to my powers for a reason?

Edit-Please wrap up anything you can in this thread. We'll be jumping three days in the next one.
As Terance turns away, I speak up;
"By the way, have you taken a look at Alicia's mind?"
I ask.
IC: "a happy death? i call having your brain withered away slowly and blood gushing from your mouth a happy death? Listen i don't like being blunt but you are lost. You choose to be sad because you think you can't do anything without your legs is that right? Do you really think no one will accept you without legs? Terrance still likes you! even if you have this.... condition." i get down to eye level with her and my voice calms down "life is what you make of it Cynthia. If you choose to see yourself as who you are now there's no helping it. But i understand you are in shock, you don't know what to make of anything right now but it will get better. Let people help you, we all do."
The Maru-bot in Cynthia's room reactivates, looking around. Apparently the driving human mind is still terrified of Cynthia, and climbs on the wall storage slots to avoid being stepped on.


I stop and glance back at Stefan. "I'm not Psionic, Stefan. I haven't quite figured out what kind of power it is I have, but I'm no mind reader."
Sahlk sees the man named Dante and the girl named Cynthia down the hall and walks over, a Zergling skipping behind him happily. "What seems to be the problem here?" Sahlk asks.
My eyes narrow;
"That's strange... I thought you were... My apologies for the trouble then."
I say, turning and heading for the cafeteria.
I stop firing at the targets, and sigh. I head over to the Medbay to see if Cynthia was there, for I felt guilty for crippling her. As I enter, I ask one of the medical personnel if Cynthia was here. Finding out she wasn't there, and also finding out she was taken to Sector D, I turn around and make my way there.
"Look who's talking, you are dying yet you have to resort to mocking us personally! You saying that you don't like to do it yet you do! You are telling me to allow people to help me and yet you haven't tried to allow us to help you... Then at least allow me to help you and I'll allow you to help me..." That was when a voice startled me and I fired the crossbow without thinking. It hit Dante in the foot. "Sorry... That was preemptive and I didn't mean to shoot you unless you did something to warrant that."
IC: "aah f*ck! Mother of... uuugghgh. i say before pulling it out and throwing it down the hall. uuuh we all might wanna duck" i say
"I am sorry if I startled you, miss. But what is it that is a problem between the two of you. I may be able to assist." Sahlk says to them. The Zergling had jumped onto his shell and started nodding his head so fast it would make you think it would fall off.
I watch Stefan walk away and turn away myself, heading for the training room. It was time to see what this new power of mine could do. It didn't feel like Deadly Chaser did, or any other ability that Katarn has taught me over the years. Nor did the moves I used after it had appeared in my inner world feel like them. What is happening to me...
IC: "more importantly do you have some bandages?" i ask as my hands cover my foot trying to stem the bleeding
"I am so sorry..." I then gave a quick stare at the Zerg. "No Sakhlk... There was no problem... Err... I was all one huge misunderstanding..." I return to look at Dante. "Sorry? Um... How about we go get something to eat... May you push my wheelchair please?" I toss Dante some cloth in my pocket, just as I did that I forgot that my crossbow was semiautomatic and it fired twice more... Hitting Sakhlk and the Zergling, the Zergling got shot in the head. My jaw dropped down.
I find Cynthia and two others already talking to one another. I keep back, waiting for a good moment to speak with Cynthia. I flinch as the crossbow goes off, and tense up, ready to step away in case an arrow flies my way.
IC: "uuhhh yes food sounds good" i say quickly before grabbing her wheelchair and strolling off
Biomass had spewed from the shell and covered the location the location the bolt hit, his front leg, half a second before it hit, minimizing the damage. As the Zergling falls off the shell he looks at him. "He was a friend..." Sahlk's egg sacs explode as two Locusts spring out. One retrieves the Zergling's body and the other tears the bolt out of Sahlk's leg. "I shall put him into the creep at the Hive, allow him to provide nourishment for more to be birthed." Sahlk walks off miserably, that Zergling was one of the few he actually liked from the controlled Hive. It was certainly the least annoying.
I send a telepathic message to Cynthia, and only she can hear it.
Cynthia? Hi, I'm Omicron. How are you feeling? I keep a few paces behind the duo.
Surprised... Very surprised with how everything is turning out to be. And dead on tired from all of this BS. Plus I'm actually quite surprised that now I figured out more about Dante that he didn't make a move before Terance... Surprising... I reply back to Omi.

"Yes... Food... Err... I'm sorry about that bolt. And I'm equally surprised that you didn't make a move before Terance."
IC: "well i'm a spectre and well i got issues" i say

OOC: crap gotta go eat... bad timing much
I see.....I'm sorry about....what happened to you.....I tried to save you while we were on that ship, tried to get that girl in the shoulder so she wouldn't shoot your spine.... I'm so sorry.....
I reply telepathically.

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